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These 2 devices cost the same, which of the Gear Fit 2 vs Fitbit Charge 2 makes the most sense for you?

If you have an iPhone, then this is an easy decision for you because the Gear Fit 2 is only for Android.

If you have an Android device, then I recommend the Gear Fit 2. It has many more features — some that are very important to me like answering and rejecting calls, timers, and accurate sleep tracking.

The battery life of the Charge 2 is longer, but that is to be expected because the Gear Fit 2 screen is color and touchscreen compared to the Charge 2’s black and white and not touchscreen.

The Fitbit’s app and its socialness may be important to you (it is not to me). If you know a lot of other people with the Fitbit and you want to have fun competing with them, then the Charge 2 may win out.

Watch the video for more details.

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