Ourpcb Tech. Ltd.(http://www.ourpcb.com/) was founded in 2 0 0 5. Our factory is a highly professional and experienced manufacturer of PCB and PCBA in China.
Our servises include:
circuit board
pcb board
electric board
pick and place
free P C B design
led pcba
high reliable P C B assembly support
high quality P C B etching
original components procurement
standard components in stock
Our p c b has emerged as a leading provider of time- critical, high performance, P C B & P C B A solutions over the last 10 years with over 5 000 Square meters work space. We currently have over 2, 000 customers world wide. Our capabilities include military standard assembly and U L processing. For assembly we incorporate three high speed Siemens S M T lines, ensuring a highly reliable P C B assembly outcome. Surface mount, through hole, B G A, Q F P, Q F N component loading all meet programming, A O I Inspection and Function Test. With offices in China and Australia we are ready to meet your global needs.

Sample Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Unit Based in Asia


PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd (mainly for prototype)

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PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd is on the list of China’s top unit supplying circuit card services, which is actually a joint venture of 3 of the top 10 circuit card makers in China. Our plus points are quick-turn-time, small-scale quantity orders.
We’re an innovative electronics contract manufacturer in Beijing, China. We have already been specialized in circuit card prototype over the past 12 years. Now we have served well-known enterprises or institutions across the world, for instance Microsoft, Hewlett packard, Toshiba, Jet Propulsion Laboratory of China, Altium, University of Cambridge, University of Wisconsin, Stanford University, Harvard University, Beijing University, Siemens and also China Mobile. We have highly competitive pricing, well-trained technical engineers and superior making techniques. We encouraged people to contact us and take into consideration us as a efficient partner for circuit card fabricating services.

We assure:
High-quality. Cut-throat pricing. Prompt shipping and delivery.

PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd will be your recommendable manufacturer for circuit card prototype service.


Sales Office Contact:
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Phone number:

Room520A , Heqiao Plaza B Tower No.8 Guanghua Road
Chaoyang District , Beijing
China Postcode 100026



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Turn-key PWB assemblage solution vendor

(Backing up white-label PWB )

STG is a reputable proficient PWB and PCBA manufacturer in China, which provides OEM/ODM service for world-wide clients . With years of experiences, STG is not only a producer, but additionally a proficient designer for emerging concepts, new creations depending on consumers. Our product range involves assorted segments, for example , electronic devices, telecommunications, industrial products , automotive assemblies, medical equipment and the like.

Our main services involve electronics and metal casing manufacture, including printed circuit boards PWB Mfg, element purchasing, PWB assemblage, plastic/metal house build, die-casting and even custom Mfg. With skilled staff here at STG fully trained, their abilities will be excellent.

Get in contact with STG

China Shenzhen Office

Telephone: +86-0755-27929725
Telefax: +86-0755-27929724
Email: [email protected]

Location: Huolibao Building 5F , Technology Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518100, China.
Site: china-pcbassembly.com

Hong Kong Office

Tel: 852-36458129
Telefax: 852-36458092
Email: [email protected]
Web-site: china-pcbassembly.com .


Topscom Technology Co.,Ltd.

In accordance with : http://www.topscom.com.cn/info-132-en.html

Firm Introduction

2 Decades Of Electronic products Turnkey OEM / ODM, Electronic Contract Manufacturing(sometimes referred to as ECM) and Circuit Card Assembly Services — China Topscom

Topscom is a heading Electronics Manufacturing Services (known as EMS) provider preoccupied with offering progressive design and fabricating services to automotive, commercial, healthcare, consumer, phone system, and technology enterprises. With fiscal year 2013 earnings of 360 Mil $, Topscom facilitates shoppers design and layout, build, shipping, and devices that supplies consumers with complete design, engineering, and fabricating resources which are vertically incorporated with parts to optimise their operations by bringing down their prices and cutting down the period of time to markets.

Topscom presents an vast array of fabricating, engineering and machining services, such as in-house highly exact SMT mount, plastic injection shaping, high volume metal stamping, die-casting and tailor-made manufacturing.

Full-outfitted Sectors

Our several sections are aligned to provide an broad range of manufacturing, engineering and machining services:
Our SMT potential cover 0201, zero-Lead and flip-chip technologies.
Our plastic injection molding work group is aligned with superior gear in white room and cold water air conditioning system. A exceptional production line is additionally designed to clear away and slice the material grain.
Our metal stamping team features CNC process center, silk machines and also drilling machines provided by Japan and Taiwan.
In our mold tooling team, we benefit from Pro-Engineer pro software program for powerful design assistance. Making use of EROWA grips, we are able to keep control of the precision within 3 ums.
To keep quality control system efficacious, we consistently review our test flow records. In addition we maintain procurement offices in Tokyo, Singapore and also Hong Kong run by our core resources warehouse in Shenzhen.

Our manufacturing area is positioned in Shenzhen, China with a sum area of 200,000 square meters and above 4,000 staff members. We truly believe in the value of our staff and desire to maintain a pro frame of mind and corporate civilization that builds creativity and provides job happiness.

The supervision focuses on continuous training, open communicating, teamwork and participation in decision-making process.

With vast experience of participating with high-tech firms and varied clients in wide product range, we’re really convinced to supply superb services, high pliability, cost-effective mfg solutions and punctual delivery for our purchasers.

Our top-rated consumers list throughout the world: Rda (Australia) , Bestdl (Belgium), Sqp (France), Destst, Metro (Israel), Aji, Fujitsu, Sony (Japan), Dgsb (Malaysia), Rdi (Netherlands), Mlcroalp(Singapore), Inventron, Tempel (Spain), Imc (Great britain), Cisco (United States of America).

Reach US

Tel: +86-755-22211988 (50 Line)
Email address: frankwu[at]topscom.com.cn
Mobile :+86 13502814037
Location: No.18, Tannan Rd,Tanjia Industrial Region,Gongming Street,Guangming New District,Shenzhen , Guangdong Province China.

HK Workplace:

Position : First Building Weigan Center JiuLong HK
Email address: ivy.ko[at]topscom.com.cn( Ms.Ivy Ko)


EasyEDA Absolutely Free Internet Based EDA Tool

EasyEDA is Passionate About Innovation

We’re makers, geeker and engineers. When we decided to design and develop several electronics 3 years ago, we invested in weeks time in search of the ideal software. We desired schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout nonetheless we required it not to be just for Microsoft windows and we didn’t prefer the thought of needing to pay back tons of money to order a massive software suite and afterwards devote a long time discovering how to utilize it.

Our objective is to allow developers move on from idea to made prototype quicker by delivering exhaustive information and co-operation tools for electronic design. Whether you are a enthusiast eager to have a shot at your initial project or a professional professional trying to find a yields increase, our target is to get rid of the tedium in taking a innovation to life. We would like to hear what you are focusing on or any ideas on how we can assist you, therefore don’t hesitate to email us.

To conclude, EasyEDA will enable you to get a less arduous EDA adventure, meaning you can delight in more of the process from a notion to a product.

Business Line And Prices

You don’t see any totally free business models; EasyEDA would need to maintain itself and for that reason it will have to maintain the crew as well.

Desiring to give you a disruptive innovation, we provide a nice absolutely free web based EDA program, yet , we look to earn cash from a few other services, similar to offering PCB transactions, PCB assy, ads and special project reviews by our professional electronics technicians.

Don’t hesitate to employ EasyEDA, we promise EasyEDA’s foremost features are free of charge to everyone.

Contact with Us


30A, Area A, Shennan Garden Bldg, Nanshan, Shenzhen , Guangdong Province
Zipcode: 518000

Business development/cooperation:
[email protected]

Additional inquiries:
[email protected]