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IHD Technology Limited (Koshiro)

IHD Technology (Koshiro) makes a speciality of Smartband & Health Product field for years, with great quality and very economical price tag, with the impressive designs and a big production ability.

IHD Technology Ltd.(Koshiro) has completed appealing factor in fitness tracker developing, the development of new mobile app and the overall procedure for large manufacturing. In recent years, we have developed into a top provider of electronic products in Chinese market. Our merchandise fascinated lots of buyers with its creative design and functions.

Our Development and research staff:

Today we have 7 international engineers to supply us software application development along with technology support.

More than 15 Chinese engineers work together to attain a concept to a real device, accountable for such services like apparent industrial design, inner structure configuration, PCB layout and tech support through all steps involved in ODM development process.

Our Manufacturing facilities:

We now have all workshops for from design to producing, like moulds making, plastic injection, CNC prototype building, Silk printing, Painting spray, SMT, Hardware producing and final mass assembly line, which allows us to deliver one-stop OEM & ODM services under the same roof.

We cordially greet you to be our OEM & ODM business partner.


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