A fully Japanese owned enterprise specialises in high tech electronic assemblies for global markets including Japan, Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

The focal activity of Tos Lanka is surface mounting of printed circuit boards using high speed chip mounting machines supported by state of the art soldering systems.

The company also specialises in automotive safety sensor harnessing for sea belt safety mechanism and abs activation. End users include major automotive brands including Toyota. Tos Lanka also involves assembling toroidal coil windings, energy saving lamps, taxi meters as well as electronic guitar tuners.

Our Products

Surface Mounted Printed Circuit Boards
Automotive Harnessing
Inductive Component Assemblies
Energy Saving Lamps
Taxi Meters
Guitar Tuner Assemblies

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4 Guidelines to Picking out a Small-run PCB Assembly Fabricator

printed circuit board assy

Working with low-quantity PCB assemblies has its advantages and drawbacks. As the purchaser, there are a few recommendations that will let you obtain the most out of your assembly. In this posting, we shall let you know how to utilize the pros and approaches to stay away from the negatives.

The best way to Decide on a Small-run PCB Assembly Fabricator?

The ideas mentioned below should help you make the most from your low-quantity PCB assembly order.

1. One Service Provider

Pick a low-quantity PCB maker who could be a one-stop provider for all your PCB requires. The main benefit of working with a small order is basically you don’t have to coordinate with a couple of organizations or individuals. Your order can be treated by a single point of contact.

2. Need for Prototypes

Even if working with small orders, you must insist upon use of prototypes – even in the event it comes at an additional cost. Prototypes will help you to examine your design and reinforce it, as you desire.

3. Small-run PCB Fabricator

printed circuit board assy

Fabricating low-quantity PCB assemblies can be quite a task when using the services of an unskilled maker. Since the order quantity is low, expense of production is going to be moderately higher. So, any error on the part of the PCB maker will bring about greater losses for the customer.

4. Standard PCB Practices

Standard best practices involving PCB making ought to be used even when working with a low-quantity PCB assembly. This includes design, fabrication, assemblage, and also PCBA testing processes.

Working with a low-quantity PCB assembly has its own variety of plus points. By making use of standard suggestions will assist you to build an order that will help you finally.