Aquí mostramos una manera industrial de como hacer circuitos impresos. La primera parte del video muestra como convertir los archivos PDF en CNC para ser leídos por una máquina perforadora.
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Electronic Board Fabricating in Spain

PCBYA Profile

We are a startup spanish company offering best quality and unequalled prices in producing of Electronic Boards.
We serve the prototyping amateurs in addition to the industry. We are pros in very short timings so that we are able to send the boards in the same day we receive the Gerbers, if you’d like to.
We are always growing, and frequently add in innovative materials as well as technologies in the production process.

Price Calculator

Common questions

PCB File

What format of Gerber and Drill files do you allow?

We take Gerbers from all of the Cad Computer softwares, just output them in RS-274-X format. The drills file must be Excellon1 or 2 compatible.

What makes the prototypes prices so low priced? Aren’t there a fix cost of tooling?

We’ve designed,developed and produced our own machines thus we can compete with other countries (including China,Bulgaria,and so forth..) in which mortgages and costs are a lot lower. In PCBYA there is not any tooling cost.

Shipping charges

Simply how much does it cost shipping to my country?

Makes use of the online calculator earlier mentioned for details of the shipment.
In case your country is not there, send us a email message.

Payment method

What’s the payment method?

The payment method is paypal,allowing you to pay quickly with Visa cards,Master card,etc with your currency.
Every time you purchase a board, we send an e-mail with a paypal website link in which you are able to pay in a safeguarded way, after that paypal will notify us of your payment and we begin the manufacturing of your Electronic Board.