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Be Made Aware About PCB Assembly Capabilities of MOKO Tech

MOKO Tech is one of the several prominent PCB designers and producers in China. The firm produces Circuit Boards of diverse types, and from different materials. In this article, we shall take a look at the capabilities of MOKO Tech.

Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities

Following are our Circuit Board assembly capabilities, which make us among the most sophisticated and leading manufacturers of Circuit Boards:

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly

The BGA assembly is mainly utilized when there exists a demand to get rid of overheating issues. This assembly has a superior heat dissipation attributes, and helps stay clear of getting too hot of the circuit.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly

In this assembly, components are mounted directly on the Circuit Boards. We have the capability of manual, and in addition automated SMT production process. Our SMT assembly capabilities comprise of BGA, small chip packages, package-on-package, and so forth.

Through-Hole Assembly

In this assembly, the component leads are inserted through the pre-made holes. Later, they are soldered for protection. We can provide you with two types of Through-Hole assemblies – manually operated through-hole assembly and automated through-hole assembly.

Quick Turn Assemblies

We notice worldwide accepted Circuit Board standards and guidelines. This is a value added service, making it possible for you to receive highly reliable quick turn PCB assemblies at fast turnaround times. A number of our users take advantage of this service which we provide.

Circuit Board Prototypes Manufacture

Circuit Board prototypes assist you in getting a better idea about the final PCBs, or how they’re going to be. With a decent experience to back us up, we offer the unparalleled prototype manufacturing services to our patrons. These PCB prototypes are UL approved, and we make an effort to get them delivered to you in the shortest time.

Low-Mid Volume Production

MOKO Tech is committed to offer their service, which helps you assemble low volume PCB prototype orders. We keep ourselves updated with the newest technologies to stay up with the ever changing requirements of our customers.

MOKO Tech is recognized for its PCB assembly capabilities which range from a simple Though Hole PCB to a standard Surface Mount (SMT) PCB assembly. We have a group of hardworking professionals who have helped us deliver best-in-class services and products to our consumers from a number of industries.