OpenHours Episode #51 – For those who missed our special episode #50 of OpenHours, you can still catch it on YouTube. This week will be some what of a relaxing episode as we look back at the amazing HiKey960 product launch. We will address some questions that we were unable to answer during the show, and then move on to talking about some more of the key features around this new board. Anyone who is interested in reading more on the HiKey960 can check out the new landing page before hand. We look forward to people bringing their questions and comments. We will of course address any questions around 96Boards in general.

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96Boards OpenHours


HiKey 960

Chat log:

Rob Gries – RG
Hello I’m wondering if anyone has had any success getting video output from the AIStarVision MIPI Adaptor using the OV5645
I’m using the Dragonboard 410c

Robert Wolff – RW
HiKey 960 announcement episode:

Robert Wolff – RW
New HiKey960 Forums page:
@Rob, will address shortly

Rob Gries – RG
Awesome! Thanks!

sudhakar – S
Using Dragonboard 410c, do you have secure boot sample implementation?

maddog – M
The PCI-E will allow a lot of people to do device driver support
Manufacturing does not work like that. Not hitting “sweet spot” may make less memory more expensive
HiKey960 landing page:

Windows 10 IoT planned for HiKey960?

Abraxas3d – A
The HiKey960 discussion page on the forum doesn’t come up for me. The landing page does, though.


Abraxas3d – A
Thanks Mani, that link works. The link at the top of the forum page ( gives a 404.
Launch Video 404 too.

Mani – M
Oh yeah. Thats a broken link
Thanks for pointing out
Will fix that

cheers linux image effort on

Rob Gries – RG
I’m using the debian 16.06 release
I have a post on the AiStarVision Github here
I’m actually using the V2 Board
Absolutely, Thanks so much.

Barry – B
There is lots of discussion on the 96boards forum

Rob Gries – RG
That would be great

Barry – B

Guillermo – G
Jean-Marc, last week I forgot to give you my e-mail to send the audio mezzanine schematic. Please, send it to [email protected]

Mani – M

Rajan Mistry – RM
as far as i know you need to be a subscribed licensee to enable secure boot on snapdragon 410c. some interesting information on inforce site here:

Robert Wolff – RW
Rob Gries, Barry shared link:

Mani – M

Rajan Mistry – RM
but there have been some discussions internally regarding secureboot and security internally, i can check with Christine and find out more

Robert Wolff – RW
@Rajan: thank you

Rajan Mistry – RM
not sure why microphone is not working

Rob Gries – RG
@robert wolff yes, I’m reading it now thanks

Mani – M
Abraxas3d: Link has been fixed now. Please try once again

Abraxas3d – A
wors perfectly Mani!

Shovan Sargunam – SS
Its our 51th OpenHours.

jean-marc – J
ty this again Mezzanine Board-SCH-0113.pdf?dl=0

m_w – M
it was Grant

Shovan Sargunam – SS
I have to go. Robert good job with crossing 50 OpenHours. Maybe we should have OpenHours party next week

m_w – M
we can fork the design the and do whatever we want, it is open hardware

Victor – V
@sudhakar the db410c boot chain is pbl sbl lk linux. I think (not 100% sure) pbl will authenticate sbl and sbl will authenticate lk, but both pbl and sbl are proprietary. You can maybe mod lk to authenticate the kernel, but i don’t think these are done in the releases since that would only prevent kernel development on the boards

Robert Wolff – RW
Google form for community points:
code: OPEN009

Rob Gries – RG
Thanks for your help guys, I’ve got to go. I’ll come on next time to let you know how it went.

Robert Wolff – RW
Thanks @Rob!


HiKey 960: Google And Huawei’s Up-market Raspberry Pi Alternative Runs Android 7.1 And Linux

Short Bytes: Google, Huawei, and Linaro have worked together to release HiKey 960 mini Computer which runs Android and Linux. It’s an officially supported Android reference board which can be used by developers to code software for ARM-based systems. It’s powered by Huawei’s octa-core Kirin 960 chip, LPDDR4 RAM, and Mali-G71 GPU.

Whenever we hear the name Android, the first thought that comes to our minds is an OS that powers the most of the smartphones all over the world. Yet, over time, it has grown to turn into one of the main players in the OS world by finding its place on smart devices, televisions, PCs, autos, etcetera. This also has created new opportunities for Android developers since they can code apps for devices of diverse form factors.

So now, to help the developers code application for ARM systems without having to be reliant on Chromebooks or Intel x86 systems, Google, Huawei, and Linaro have presented HiKey 960.It is priced at $239 and measures 85x55mm.

HiKey 960 single board PC is a effective Raspberry Pi alternative which runs Android. The device is powered by the Huawei’s octa-cire Kirin 960 chip which powers the Mate 9 flagship additionally.

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Google works with Huawei for high-end Raspberry Pi competitor that runs Android