A quick peep inside our MY600 solder jet printer, the clever technology that applies ‘solder paste’ to PCB’s in the assembly process.

Placing millions of solder paste ‘dots’ per hour, with a position resolution of 0.2 μm and acceleration of 3g (30 m/s2) !!!

Our service is suitable for UK & European customers seeking to produce SMT and complex SMT printed circuit board assemblies from 1 to 1000 units per batch.

Gemini Tec were the first UK CEM to introduce a MY600 solder jet printer, to provide its customers with fast and reliable SMT production, without the need to use stencils.

Jet printing removes the constraints of using stencils, allowing components to be placed in closer proximity and to create custom paste typography- so that a successful reflow process can be achieved for a wide range of components.

www.geminitec.co.uk to see more on our CEM services.


4 Tips to Picking out a Small-quantity PCB Assembly Fabricator

printed circuit board assemblies

Working with low-volume PCB assemblies has its upsides and drawbacks. As the purchaser, there are several recommendations that will let you obtain the most from your assembly. In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to take advantage of the good things and approaches to keep away from the problems.

How you can Choose a Small-quantity PCB Assembly Fabricator?

The guidelines mentioned in this article might help you make the most from your low-volume PCB assembly order.

1. One Service Provider

Go with a low-volume PCB fabricator who could be a one-stop supplier for all your PCB requires. The benefit of working with a small order is that you don’t need to coordinate with a couple of organizations or individuals. Your order can be handled by a single point of contact.

2. Significance of Prototypes

Although working with small orders, you must require use of prototypes – regardless if it results in an additional cost. Prototypes allows you to verify your design and enhance it, when necessary.

3. Small-quantity PCB Fabricator

printed circuit board assemblies

Fabricating low-volume PCB assemblies can be a task when using an low compertition fabricator. Since the order quantity is low, cost of production is going to be to some degree higher. Thereby, any mistake from the PCB fabricator will mean bigger losses for the client.

4. Standard PCB Practices

Standard guidelines relating to PCB fabrication must be taken although working with a low-volume PCB assembly. This includes design, manufacturing, assembly, and PCBA testing procedures.

Working with a low-volume PCB assembly has its own range of positive aspects. By making use of standard tips will permit you to build an order that might help you in time.