Introduction of Elephone P9000 Handset


Android OS 6.0
Very good display screen
Swift plus cord-less charging

Reasons against

Finger print reader is not really solid
Shooter app really needs efforts




The P9000 is the latest Android-centered mobile phone from China-based maker Elephone, which is generating a trustworthy level of popularity for its cheap yet pleasant cellular tech.

It offers a 5.5-in. LG-designed LCD screen, a exact 8-core MediaTek chipset, 4GB of Random access memory, 32GB of inborn space for storage, swift charging, wire less charging, NFC function, a Sony-developed 13-mega-pixel camera and a finger marks reader on the rear.

The Elephone also works with Android operating system 6.0, the latest version of Google’s OS. Inspite of these types of sensational specifications, it costs you below $200.

ELEPHONE P9000 – Design and style AND BUILD Quality

Elephone’s prior endeavors have already been a touch irregular in regards to general build quality & design.

The Elephone M2 looked and felt like a quality mobile but given middle-range overall performance, With the P9000, however, this company last of all seems to have struck the perfect balance in between effectiveness and style.
The P9000 pursues the actual tendency in the Android world for metal-body mobile phones, having a metal platform which is backed by a plastic-type panel.

Throughout the sides of the device you will learn a subtle chamfered effect, along with the ordinary control buttons as well as inputs. On the right-hand aspect sit the power key and volume level rocker, though on the opposite side you will find there’s control key that can be set up to be a one-press quick way to start nearly any software application you like. Handily, a long-press of this control also brings the mobile handset straight to quiet setting, not 100 % contrary to the “mute” option seen on iPhone units.

On top of the mobile phone you’ll find the ubiquitous 3.5mm headset jack, while on the base rests the reversible USB Type-C data & charging outlet – a future-proof factor which even the fairly recently released Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t consist of. Flanking this dock are a pair of grilles, 1 living a speaker, and the second the in-call mic.

Revolving the P9000 around divulges a plastic material rear end panel, which has got a texture that takes some acclamating yourself with. It’s a matte-effect covering, which appears to looks like it will be very soft – nevertheless , it isn’t; to refer to it as very fine-grain sandpaper wouldn’t be a million miles from the truth. I actually quite like it since it increases grip, but it also picks up marks and scratches a little too easily.

Upon the backside you will see the Sony-made 21-mp camera – that comes with LED flash and laser auto-focus – as well as the finger print scanner.
Dual-SIM ability is a mainstay of the Chinese phone marketplace, and the P9000 gives you support for two micro-SIM cards.

But, in case you would rather extend your available storage you should utilize one of the SIM slots for a micro sd card, neatly boosting the total amount of available space for images, music along with other data.

Fingerprint readers are obtaining fairly a usual thing on low-cost Android OS products – the Elephone Vowney & Elephone M2 both had one – nevertheless it’s very clear that corporations including Elephone might be seeking to utilize the technology as essentially as their bigger competitors.

The sensor on the P9000 usually needs a second or some times third press to sign-up your finger marks then unlock the device, but at a minimum it can be used to wake the phone despite the fact that the screen is off. You may also work with it to validate payment behavior on the Google Play Store, because of the fact that the handset has Android 6.0 installed; when Android Pay hits England, you possibly can team it up with the NFC chip to carry out contact-less payments in stores.


Elephone proudly states that the P9000 has a 5.5inch FHD, LG LTPS Liquid crystal display on the handset’s Apple-like plastic material packing, and it has acceptable reason to scream about it – this display is actually awesome, even by upper-tier criteria.

Colors are genuinely punchy, contrast is incredible and viewing angles are great. When the adaptable illumination configuration is allowed, details will get somewhat dark, however at mid-to-full illumination the screen confidently sings. It is easy to watch in direct sun light, also.
The producer can also be excited to highlight that the device has exceptionally narrow bezels – 1.6mm, in actual fact – on the left and right sides of the screen, which guarantee that it is not much too wide, for even a phablet-kind mobile handset. It is fairly sizeable in the palm, but it absolutely feels much easier to handle than many of its giant-display challengers. In fact, positioned beside the Galaxy S7 – which provides a 5.1-inch display screen – the P9000 is purely somewhat taller.

Similar to old Elephone mobiles, the P9000 comes equipped with touchscreen gesture commands that permit you to launch software applications while the screen is turned off.

One example is, tracing a “C” shape on the sleeping display screen will immediately boot up the camera. These kinds of shortcuts are easy enough to memorise and have the potential to be certainly beneficial – given you do not use virtually any screen-locking security measures. Doing this signifies that even when you enter the gesture, you are required to un-lock your handset to reach the mobile app, which kind of trumps the objective. Nevertheless, it’s cool anyhow.