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High Frequency PCB Board Plant Based in China


PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd (primarily for prototype)

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PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd is one of the China’s primary unit offering PC board services, that is a collaboration of 3 of the top 10 PC board makers in China. Our plus points are fast-turn, small-scale volume orders.
We’re a new electronics contract manufacturer (ECM) located in Beijing, China. We have been dedicated to PC board prototype within the last 12 years. We have served well recognized enterprises or institutions around the globe, which include Microsoft, Hewlett packard, Toshiba, Jet Propulsion Laboratory of China, Altium, University of Cambridge, University of Wisconsin, Stanford University, Harvard University, Beijing University, Siemens and China Mobile. We have highly competitive pricing, well-trained technicians and superior fabrication techniques. We welcome people to reach out to us and take into account us as a efficient partner for PC board fabrication services.

We offer:
Prime quality. Reasonable pricing. Prompt shipping.

PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd can be your recommendable producer for PC board prototype service.

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Room520A , Heqiao Plaza B Tower No.8 Guanghua Road
Chaoyang District , Beijing
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Turn-key Circuit Board assembly solution provider

(Backing up private-label Circuit Board )

STG is a major certified Circuit Board and PCBA producer in China, which offers OEM/ODM service for global clients . With many years of expertise, STG is not merely a manufacturer, but in addition a experienced designer for new concepts, new innovations based upon clients. Our range of products covers various markets, like consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial items , automobile assemblies, medical equipment and so on.

Our main services involve electronics and metal casing mfg, like printed circuit boards Circuit Board Mfg, component purchasing, Circuit Board assembly, plastic/metal house build, die-casting as well as custom-made Mfg. With proficient staff members here at STG fully trained, their capabilities will be remarkable.

In contact with STG

China Shenzhen Office

Telephone: +86-0755-27929725
FAX: +86-0755-27929724
Email address: [email protected]

Location: Huolibao Building 5F , Technology Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518100, China.

Hong Kong Office

Tel: 852-36458129
Telefax: 852-36458092
Email address: [email protected]
Web-site: .


Topscom Technology Co.,Limited

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Business Introduction

2 Full Decades Of Electronic gadgets One-stop OEM / ODM, Electronic Contract Manufacturing(often referred to as ECM) and Circuit Card Assembly Solutions — China Topscom

Topscom is a heading Electronics Manufacturing Services (also known as EMS) source preoccupied with providing ground breaking design and manufacturing services to motor vehicle, industrial, medical-related, consumer, telecom, and technological businesses. With monetary year 2013 profits of 360 Million United states dollar, Topscom assists people design and layout, produce, delivery, and gadgets that provides clients with full design, engineering, and fab resources which are vertically incorporated with elements to optimise their operations by reducing their fees and reducing the hours to markets.

Topscom can provide an wide number of fabricating, engineering and machining services, especially in-house highly precise SMT mount, plastic injection shaping, high volume metal stamping, die-casting and made to order fabricating.

Full-furnished Departments

Our several departments are aimed to offer an extensive range of fabricating, engineering and machining services:
Our SMT abilities handle 0201, leadless and flip-chip techniques.
Our plastic injection molding division is aligned with complex gear in white room and cold water air conditioning system. A very special production line is moreover designed to clear away and slice the material grain.
Our metal stamping section comes with CNC process center, silk machines and drilling machines coming from Japan and Taiwan.
In our mold tooling dept, we utilize Pro-Engineer premium software program for valuable design assistance. By means of EROWA grips, we can easily maintain the accuracy and precision less than 3 ums.
To keep quality control method reliable, we frequently measure our test flow graphs. In addition we preserve procurement branches in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong operated by our centralized supplies warehouse facility in Shenzhen.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Shenzhen, China with a total space of 200,Thousand sqms and over 4,000 staff. We certainly believe in the value of our workers and prefer to conserve a professional attitude and organization way of life that helps bring about creativity and offers job satisfaction.

The administration makes important continual training, open communicating, teamwork and engagement in decision-making process.

With in depth experience of working with high-technology corporations and varied client base in wide range of products, we’re fairly sure to offer wonderful services, high suppleness, less expensive fab solutions and on time delivery for our shoppers.

Our top clients list all over the globe: Rda (Australia) , Bestdl (Belgium), Sqp (France), Destst, Metro (Israel), Aji, Fujitsu, Sony (Japan), Dgsb (Malaysia), Rdi (Netherlands), Mlcroalp(Singapore), Inventron, Tempel (Spain), Imc (United kingdom), Cisco (United States of America).

Contact US

Telephone number: +86-755-22211988 (50 Line)
Email: [email protected]
Phone :+86 13502814037
Location: No.18, Tannan Road,Tanjia Industrial Vlg,Gongming Street,Shenzhen City, China.

Hong Kong Workplace:

Position : 1st Building Weigan Center JiuLong Hong Kong
Email: [email protected]( Ms.Ivy Ko)


EasyEDA Free Web Based EDA Program

EasyEDA is Captivated With Creativity

We’re producers, geeker and technical engineers. When we wanted to design and build some gadgets 3 years ago, we invested in 2 or 3 weeks looking for the suitable specialist tools. We expected schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout but nevertheless , we needed it not to be only for Windows and we didn’t enjoy the thought of having to shell out hundreds of dollar to pick a significant software suite and afterwards put in many weeks figuring out how to employ it.

Our target is to enable developers move on from idea to manufactured prototype much faster by giving you complete information and co-operation software programs for electronic design. Whether you’re a dabbler desperate to explore your first project or a expert industrial engineer seeking a work productivity skyrocket, our purpose is to eliminate the tedium in switching a innovation to reality. We likes to hear what you’re working with or any options on the way we can help you, thus please feel free to email us.

In summary, EasyEDA will supply you with a less severe EDA experience, allowing you to enjoy more of the trip from a thought to a product.

Business Line And Prices

You don’t see any 100 % free business models; EasyEDA must support itself and as a result it will have to maintain the staff as well.

Endeavoring to provide a disruptive innovation, we provide you with a great zero cost net based EDA tool, however , we try to generate a profit from various other services, similar to offering PCB transactions, PCB assy, ads and special project reviews by our specialist electronic specialists.

Please work with EasyEDA, we assure EasyEDA’s key features are free of cost to every person.

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30A, Area A, Shennan Garden Bldg, Nanshan, Shenzhen City, Guangdong
Zipcode: 518000

Business development/cooperation:
[email protected]

All the other inquiries:
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