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PCB Fabrication in the Spanish Mainland

Who we are

We’re a beginning spanish company offering top quality and irresistible prices in production of PCBs.
We serve the prototyping enthusiasts as well as the industry. We’re professionals in very short timings so we are able to ship the boards in the same day we receive the Gerbers, if you need to.
We’re continuously promoting, and often bring new materials and technologies in the producing process.

Charge Calculator



What format of Gerber and Drill files do you accept?

We approve Gerbers from all of the Cad Software programs, just simply export them in RS-274-X format. The drills file has to be Excellon1 or 2 compatible.

Why are the prototypes prices so low-priced? Aren’t there a fix cost of tooling?

We now have designed,developed and manufactured our own devices therefore we can play competitively with other countries (like China,Bulgaria,and so on..) where mortgages and costs are a lot lower. In PCBYA there’s certainly no tooling cost.

Shipping and delivery

Just how much does it cost shipping to my country?

Take advantage of the online calculator above for info about the shipment.
In case your country is not there, send us a mail.

Payment method

What is the payment method?

The payment method is pay pal,to help you pay quite easily with VISA,MASTERCARD,etcetera with your currency.
Every time you order a board, we send an email with a paypal web page link where you can easily pay in a safeguarded way, next paypal will inform us of your payment and we get started the manufacturing of your PCB.

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