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Features about Android 7.0 Nougat for Elephone C1 Max

As you must be realizing, the new Elephone C1 Max occurs with Android 7.0 Nougat. It truly is amongst a couple of handsets which come preloaded with Android Nougat, and opening a wide range of selections for the buyers. Here are a couple of the advantages which have the Nougat in Elephone C1 Max:

1. Lower usage of electrical power and data
Doze mode finally helps save battery power even though you’re touring. So your phone will nevertheless go into low power ingestion when you take it in your pocket or handbag. More to the point, when Data Saver is turned on, applications in the back ground won’t be capable to connect to cell data.

2. Overall improvement of safety:

With strong layers of security, encryption and additional functions including Smooth updates, file-based encryption, and direct boot, Elephone C1 Max can better segregate and safeguard information for personal users on your phone.

In addition, with Direct Boot feature, starting up your model can be swifter and applications will run safely even before you enter your pass word.

3. Divided window support:

It’s easy to switch between applications with a double touch and run two apps side-by-side. So go ahead and watch a film whilst sending text messages, change 2 data files concurrently or read a recipe with your cooking timer opened. With Elephone C1 Max, you would deliver the results way more proficiently.

4. More tailored configuration settings and more clever notifies:

Mini conversations within your notifications mean you can interact instantly – without opening any app. With bundled notifications, you will uncover what’s new instantly with combined notifications from applications. Just simply touch to expand and watch more details and not having to get into the smart phone app. Besides, on Elephone C1 Max, you can adjust not only how big is the text but additionally the length and width of the icons.

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