We have further enhanced our productive department investing in the most advanced technology for pcb direct printing experienced in nowadays market.

It is NUVOGO 800, the next generation Direct Imaging machine produced by Orbotech, worldwide leader in high-tech precision for electronics industry.

Located in a cleanroom class 10000, an ideal and continually decontaminate environment, Nuvogo 800 directly transfers the image of inner layer, external layer and solder mask over the photoresist dryfilm using MultiWave Laser technology.

Since it doesn’t need printing film, its start-up time has been drastically reduced compared with those of a traditional exposure: this promotes speed in manufacturing and in changing order, making production faster and faster.

Only a few data to highlight that, beyond speed, this new technology assures you an increase in precision and productivity:

• 375nm and 405nm laser (modulable wavelenght)
• Minimum line width: 25um (that means to be able to transfer minimum line width of 50um)
• Transfering precision (resolution 12700DPI – 2um)
• Production: more than 110 panels per hour on both sides;
• An overlapped printing on the support shape

An important and strategic investment to meet the rising demands of speed and precision which are reaching us from traditional channels, and also from our services for fast delivery AlbaExpress and Pcboards.


Abbiamo ulteriormente potenziato il nostro reparto produttivo investendo in quella che oggi è la più evoluta tecnologia di stampa diretta del pcb esistente sul mercato.
Si chiama NUVOGO 800 ed è l’ultima generazione di stazione Direct Imaging prodotta da Orbotech, leader mondiale di tecnologia di precisione per l’industria elettronica.
Installata all’interno di una camera bianca in classe 10000, realizzata su misura per creare un’ambiente ideale e costantemente decontaminato, Nuvogo 800 “disegna” l’immagine di inner layer, external layer e solder mask direttamente sul film fotosensibile con moduli laser multiwave.
Non richiedendo pellicole di stampa i tempi di startup si riducono drasticamente rispetto a quelli di un espositore tradizionale: questo favorisce la velocità di realizzazione e quella di cambio commessa accelerando così la produzione.
Pochi numeri bastano per dare evidenza del fatto che, oltre alla rapidità, questa nuova tecnologia assicura un aumento di precisione e di produttività:

• Laser a 375nm e 405nm (lunghezza d’onda modulabili)
• Dimensione minima linea: 25um ( il che porta a poter realizzare piste di ampiezza minima 50um)
• Precisione del disegno (risoluzione 12700DPI – 2um)
• Produzione: Oltre 110 quadrotti l’ora sui due lati
• Stampa aderente alla forma del supporto

Un investimento importante e strategico per rispondere alle crescenti richieste di velocità e precisione che ci arrivano non solo attraverso i canali tradizionali ma anche dai nostri servizi di consegna rapida AlbaExpress e Pcboards.


Be Made Aware About PCB Assembly Capabilities of MOKOTech

MOKOTech is one of the several main PCB designers and makers in China. The corporation produces PWBs of varied types, and from different materials. Here, we’re going to discuss about the capabilities of MOKOTech.

PWB Assembly Capabilities

Following are our PWB assembly capabilities, which make us one among the most superior and leading makers of PWBs:

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly

The BGA assembly is principally chosen when there is a requirement to get rid of overheating problems. This assembly has a excellent heat dissipation features, and helps stay away from overheating of the circuit.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly

In this assembly, parts are mounted right on the PWBs. We have the capability of manual, and in addition automated SMT production process. Our SMT assembly capabilities comprise of BGA, small chip packages, package-on-package, etcetera.

Through-Hole Assembly

In this assembly, the component leads are inserted through the pre-made holes. Later, they are soldered for protection. We can provide you with two types of Through-Hole assemblies – manually operated through-hole assembly and automatic through-hole assembly.

Quick Turn Assemblies

We notice worldwide recognized PWB standards and guidelines. This is a value added service, making it possible for you to take delivery of highly trustworthy quick turn PCB assemblies at quick turn-around times. Many of our users utilize this service which we provide.

PWB Prototypes Manufacture

PWB prototypes help you to get a better idea about the final PCBs, or how they’re going to be. With a superior experience to back us up, we present the best-in-class prototype manufacturing services to our patrons. These PCB prototypes are UL certified, and we strive to get them delivered to you without delay.

Low-Mid Volume Production

MOKOTech is devoted to provide their service, which helps you assemble low volume PCB prototype orders. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies to keep up with the ever changing requires of our clients.

MOKOTech is recognized for its PCB assembly capabilities which range from a basic Though Hole PCB to a standard Surface Mount (SMT) PCB assembly. We have a group of hard working pros who have helped us deliver first class services and products to our purchasers from a wide range of industries.