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Know About PCB Assembly Capabilities of MOKOTech

MOKOTech is amongst the main PCB designers and makers in China. The firm produces Printed Circuits of assorted types, and from varied materials. In this post, we’ll discuss about the capabilities of MOKOTech.

Printed Circuit Assembly Capabilities

Below are our Printed Circuit assembly capabilities, which make us among the most innovative and leading producers of Printed Circuits:

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly

The BGA assembly is mainly used when there is a demand to get rid of overheating issues. This assembly has a decent heat dissipation characteristics, and helps avert getting too hot of the circuit.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly

In this assembly, components are mounted entirely on the Printed Circuits. We have the capability of manual, and additionally automatic SMT production process. Our SMT assembly capabilities include BGA, small chip packages, package-on-package, and so on.

Through-Hole Assembly

In this assembly, the component leads are inserted through the pre-made holes. Later, they are soldered for protection. We can provide you with two types of Through-Hole assemblies – manual through-hole assembly and automated through-hole assembly.

Quick Turn Assemblies

We view internationally accepted Printed Circuit standards and guidelines. This is a value added service, which allows you to receive very reliable fast turn PCB assemblies at quick turnaround times. Many of our shoppers take advantage of this service which we provide.

Printed Circuit Prototypes Manufacture

Printed Circuit prototypes assist you in getting a better understanding of the final PCBs, or how they are going to be. With a great experience to back us up, we provide the best-in-class prototype manufacturing services to our patrons. These PCB prototypes are UL approved, and we strive to get them delivered to you without delay.

Low-Mid Volume Production

MOKOTech is devoted to provide their service, which helps you assemble low quantity PCB prototype orders. We maintain ourselves updated with the most up-to-date technologies to stay abreast of the ever changing demands of our purchasers.

MOKOTech is well-known for its PCB assembly capabilities which range from a elementary Though Hole PCB to a standard Surface Mount (SMT) PCB assembly. We have a group of hardworking professionals who have helped us deliver top of the line services and products to our patrons from a broad range of industries.