Interesante video que explica como se realizan los circuitos integrados y cual es su proceso de fabricación. Espero que os guste =)


Electronic Board Manufacturing in the Spanish Mainland

PCBYA Profile

We’re a beginning spanish enterprise supplying excellent quality and incomparable prices in producing of Electronic Boards.
We serve the prototyping amateurs in addition to the industry. We’re pros in very short timings consequently can easily deliver the boards in the same day we get the Gerbers, if you’d like to.
We’re almost always moving on, and customarily add in innovative materials and technologies in the producing process.

Cost Calculator

Commonly asked questions

PCB File

What format of Gerber and Drill files do you agree to?

We agree to Gerbers from all of the Cad Softwares, just simply export them in RS-274-X format. The drills file must be Excellon1 or 2 compatible.

How come the prototypes prices so low cost? Aren’t there a fix cost of tooling?

We’ve designed,developed and manufactured our own equipment consequently we can contend with other countries (for example China,Bulgaria,and many others..) in which mortgages and costs are a great deal lower. In PCBYA there is absolutely no tooling cost.

Shipping charges

Just how much does it cost shipping to my country?

Utilize the online calculator mentioned above for info about the shipment.
If your country isn’t there, send us a message.


What’s the payment method?

The payment method is pay pal,which enables you to pay simply with Visa cards,MASTERCARD,etcetera with your currency.
Every time you buy a board, we send a message with a paypal website link in which you are able to pay in a secure and protected way, after that paypal will inform us of your payment and we commence the manufacturing of your Electronic Board.

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