Como crear un circuito electronico impreso o PCB con los programas de ISIS y ARES de PROTEUS 7.7. Se explica desde la simbologia hasta la creacion de layout.

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Electronic Board Manufacturing in Spain


We are a new spanish company delivering best quality and amazing prices in producing of Electronic Boards.
We serve the prototyping hobbyists and also the industry. We are pros in very short timings and then we are able to ship the boards in the same day we get the Gerbers, if you wish to.
We are nearly always growing, and frequently bring in new materials and technologies in the manufacturing process.

Cost Calculator


PCB File

What format of Gerber and Drill files do you settle for?

We agree to Gerbers from all of the Cad Programs, basically output them in RS-274-X format. The drills file must be Excellon1 or 2 compatible.

What makes the prototypes prices so low-priced? Aren’t there a fix cost of tooling?

We’ve designed,developed and manufactured our own machinery consequently we can easily contest with other countries (like China,Bulgaria,etc..) in which mortgages and costs are greatly lower. In PCBYA there’s certainly no tooling cost.

Shipping charges

Just how much does it cost shipping to my region?

Make use of the online calculator just above for information about the shipment.
In the event your country is not there, send us a mail.


What’s the payment method?

The payment method is pay pal,so you’re able to pay simply with VISA,MASTERCARD,etc with your currency.
Each time you order a board, we send an e-mail with a paypal weblink in which you’ll be able to pay in a safe way, then paypal will alert us of your payment and we begin the manufacture of your Electronic Board.

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