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Shenzhen AXAET Technology Co., Ltd

Established in Mar. 2009, with the capital of yuan, we are one of the high tech companies which incorporates development and research, design, manufacture, and sales. Situated in one of the nine main parks in Shenzhen Baoeng Science Park.

AXAET team has a total of 50 members guided by general managers of rich experience and knowledge development and research team, senior domestic and global sales top-notch team. Admin PR departments. Formidable technical force, creativity ahead.

Power and plus point

Talent perk
The firm has a highly knowledgeable, in-depth professional knowledge and practice of seasoned research and development team. The company’s general manager and other managers are professionals with rich qualified practical experience and administration practical experience, and also other key R & D staff members also have many years of industry practical experience, collected a wealth of experience.

Business advantage
From the starting of the Corporation, in the surrounding smart hardware and solutions, the collection of a huge number of working experience, the domestic after many years of marketing and advertising, has a high visibility and dependability, the full set of technology implementation and technology market, Will quickly grab the market share and the user’s acknowledgement.

Management merit
The corporation’s core management is smart hardware research and development and e-commerce and computer systems experts, they were as general manager of the company, R & D director, in control of technology and market development. In an effort to conserve the progression of high-quality product system, the corporation put into practice a rigorous protection and management system, to present clients with all-encompassing services.

Brand strengths
The company due to data algorithms, BLE anti-lost positioning navigating technology, BLE beacon production, Eddystone protocol communication, along with customer reviews accumulation in the nation has an important good name. In the nation, the company broke into the LBS( location-based service) related technology previously within the industry to establish a good reputation. The firm has always insisted on using the industry’s cutting-edge technology to make certain that the company’s products with the technology forward-looking.

Procedure perk
The company carried out a number of steps to attract the central staff to serve the firm, by the company’s attempts in the past couple of years making sure that most of the technical backbone in Shenzhen to give car, housing supplement, guaranteeing that they live in comfort and work in the company and the super-fast expansion of employees not just to the company There is feeling of belonging, and there is satisfaction in business.

Technology gains
With a great deal of working experience in smart hardware development and integration of current e-commerce as well as location-based services, the enterprise incorporates proximity marketing Bluetooth beacon, big data, LBS together with other concepts and technologies previous to other manufacturers.


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