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Samsung Gear Sport + Gear Fit2 Pro hands-on

Alex takes a look at Samsung’s new fitness wearables at IFA 2017. Here’s our first hands-on with the Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear IconX 2018.

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  1. Liking the specs of the Gear Sport. It'll probably retail for about $249, placing it between the Gear Fit 2/(Pro) and the Gear S3. Honestly, if I had to choose one I'm leaning towards the S3.

  2. Looks gross. Might go gear S2. I like that blue/gray band!!!

  3. Which date by Gear iconx ?????

  4. No replace svoice, no party

  5. Still the same old memory she. Are they going to put a sd storage for more songs? Hopefully the gear s4 will have this option.

  6. Geat sport have samsung pay?

  7. Does anyone know if either product will have the ability to display current pace while running?

  8. Will either of these track weight training? Not many fitness trackers do and I'm struggling to find a good one.

  9. Does the gear sport have a Speaker like gear S3 ?

  10. Completely forgetting the Gear S2 Classic eh? The Gear Sport has pretty much the same bezel, just is thicker and has a squircle around the outside of the bezel (in terms of appearance that is).

  11. I am still waiting for s4. If not I like my s3. I don't want slim I am a man. Bild

  12. 2 big questions compared to the Gear S3 that caused me to return it. Does it lock GPS before the workout starts? I typically lost 1 or 2 tenths of a mile when I ran because it would start before GPS locked. Also, is the heartrate any more accurate? Especially during workouts.

  13. Do you think this is better for sports activities vs Garmin, Polar, and Suunto? How does tizen compare for sports activities vs Android wear(like the Nixon mission, and New Balance RunIQ)?

  14. Can any of these 2 , answer calls on watch.

  15. Well, nothing new some – stay with my Gear S2

  16. I looked at the web page. Looks like the Gear Sport is slightly heavier than the Gear S3

  17. Which number is this smartwatch for Samsung total 8? 9?

  18. Is this the new gear 4 watch I've been waiting for or hasn't that been released as of yet… I like the old s3 as it's bigger??

  19. When are they showing the gear s 4 watch

  20. Does anyone know what kind of backpack is at the beginning of the video (0:01)?

  21. Does the Gear Sport have Bixby?

  22. Superb ? Time 3:53
    Thanks Samsung for making the New IconX headset with Type C charging ??
    Wish the Gear Fit 2 Pro was also able to charge with Type C ? ?

  23. Hopefully the gear icon doesn't suffer from last year's firmware issues again. Destroyed any potential those comfy buds had.

  24. Why I can't activate notifications for this channel?
    Nice day and a lot of information, great video man.

  25. I want GearX headphones with GAssistant support

  26. The new Gear line can stand up to 5 ATM= 50 meters underwater and that thing alone would make me consider to upgrade my current gear S3 .

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