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Samsung Gear Fit 2 walkthrough

A walk-through of the apps, widgets, and other user end features of the Gear Fit 2

XDA OP with full review: http://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/accessories/review-gear-fit-2-t3396090



  1. i want to install a camera remote onto my gf2 can you try a app yourself as ive already tried to install the gooapps app with no luck. maybe youll have more luck and advise, ive also got s7 edge so makes sense to me to follow your line

  2. I just synched my phone to my Samsung J3 emerge successfully. however it's 10pm but showing 10am on my watch. my phones time is correct , watch isn't. any way to fix this????

  3. hi. I really liked this video. I'm just wondering. ….. must I use my phone for the alarm or is there an Alarm built into the watch. thanks

  4. Is there no phone app for this that graphs/charts your sleep, steps per day, heart rate, etc? It's the phone/tablet app that is really important to trackers like this! The Fitbit app shows terrible graphs. The Striiv Fusion Bio 2 app has a great way of graphing. I was trying to find out what the Fit 2 was like…

  5. Learned lots…thanks!

  6. @pilzXDA when the timer finish its countdown does the watch vibrate ? cheers

  7. I just got mine today and was clueless until i watched this video! Thank u so much!

  8. i bought mine e days ago it wont turn on i disconnected the Bluetooth the night before and now it wont turn on

  9. It's more of a smart watch than fitness watch. I switched form a fitbit to this and i regret it. This does not consistently record heartbeat data and does not automatically start quantifying when you start working out. It has functionality like checking messages and accepting calls, but other than that. I'd go with a fitness band.

  10. how can i change the time from the watch?

  11. how to set the calories on my gear fit 2

  12. My is reading temperature in Celsius, how to I set it to Fahrenheit?

  13. thanks I was lost i had the gear fit and this was way more complicated but I love this

  14. Is there an option to turn off the screen when you flick your wrist?

  15. You might of already awnserd this but how do you track your sleep progress with this? I found sometging to put it in manually but I was looking for something to track and record the progress on it's own.

  16. anyone watching thus because they preordered the note 7 and chose this as there gift?

  17. Will this notify me of all the app notifications (Twitter, IG, FB) like my phone is set to do? I have the S7 edge. Thanks!

  18. Is this the small or large. Your wrist looks similar to mine

  19. Can I listed to music from watch and will the alarm ring from the phone?

  20. Great video.
    I already have Gear S2 classic and I want to buy this. Someone told me that there is no way to connect both gears on gear app !!! Anyone have tried this? Appreciate the answers.

  21. can we put a weather widget

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