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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Spotify App [Overview + How-to install it worldwide]

0:24 How-to install the Spotify App on the Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 in every country (bypass US-restriction)
2:27 Overview of the functionality of the Spotify App



  1. Worked here in a Zuk Z2. Thanks from Brazil!
    For those who doesnt have Samsung phones, after opening the Hola app, open the Gear app and there you look for the "Spotify for Gear fit 2"

  2. Worked in the first try in gear s3 with hola vpn 🙂


  4. It worked here in Canada! Remember to clear cache and remove data. Also RESTART YOUR PHONE!

  5. Hi Max,
    I can not find the Spotify App via Hola. There is always 'no search
    results'. Where can I download the app? The previous steps had all worked, also
    with the location. Only that there are no search results for Spotify.Thank you for your help.

  6. Hi Max,

    i want to hear my spotify music at the gym without my smartphone. Is it possible to connect the Gear to my phone over WiFi so that i can leave my phone in the locker and listen to the music with bluetooth headphone over the app?

  7. first of all: thanks for your great video! here is a question: you mention that the spotify app is only a companion app which only works when your phone is nearby. however, I'm interested in purchasing this thing to measure my pulse while running and being able to leave my heavy cellphone at home. do you know whether it is possible to download songs to your gear fit 2 and play them via spotify? that would be awesome.

  8. can attend the calls on gear fit 2

  9. it worked, thank you, from MEX 😃

  10. does this work for iphone user in the uk?

  11. Thank You it worked for me (Germany)

  12. can u use internet on gear fit 2

  13. It's not working. There is a warning "Unable to start spotify"

  14. Great , I'm in UK and it has worked!!!

  15. I am also facing the Library loading forever issue, any workaround?

  16. Hola. Tengo un S6 y no puedo lograr instalar Spotify en el Samsung Fit Gear 2. Sigo los pasos y no esta en la lista Esencials. Alguna solucion?

  17. hi, I followed your video and spotify downloaded no problem but one issue I have is when I click "library" on my watch I just get the loading symbol. it won't access my library. I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but no change. any ideas?

  18. how to install it non samsung phone?

  19. after realy removing the sim-card and following the stepseven using Hola, it worked great!

  20. it worked to download it and install it, but now it says unable to start spotify, BT disconected. although its still connected on BT… and spotify does work on my phone s7

  21. What's the point on having spotify in the gear if u can't either download the music in the watch or use it w/out the phone?

  22. thanks a lot! love from india 😀

  23. thanks so much this works in new Zealand. i got a new gear fit and was mad that it was only in usa but this worked so thanks again

  24. YES thank you so much this worked for me and it should work for anyone just make sure you are under the gear tab when searching, thank you for coming out with this video it 100% worked for me

  25. Wie heißt die App die man dafür benötigt

  26. Worked like charm! Cheers mate!

  27. Thank you!! It worked in Canada.

  28. does not work samsung apps doesnt let u download apps if u on vpn connection

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