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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review: Samsung’s Best Wearable!

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is Samsung’s latest wearable. It combines the best of a smartwatch with the best features of a fitness wearable. Watch for the full review!

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  1. can i listen to podcasts with this?

  2. gear fit 2 or s2 classic for fitness?

  3. does this band connect with iphone 6s via wifi as bluetooth connection
    sucks , wifi gives wide range then blue tooth please answer this query

  4. who the fuck would go to the effort of farting about with the watch to log they had drunk a glass of water 6 times a day

  5. nice video mate just bought the fit bit 2

  6. I have had Samsung phones for years, loved my gear fit but I had to go to iPhone for work and I was sad to loose my gear fit. I did some research and guess what!!!! The gear fit 2 IS compatible with iPhone. I now have the gear fit 2 and an iPhone. It works fantastic!!!

  7. I have tried many fitness bands and so far…this one is great. Had a few issues with getting notifications…think I have it figured out. The feel is amazing. doesn't feel bulky like my other big watches and fit bit flex. great video 😉

  8. Only ladies and girly boys use ellipticals. Just so you know 🙂

  9. I agree with your review, it is a great fitness tracker with the above average features for notifications. My only issue is the battery life could be better, I get about a day and a half but I do push numerous notifications to it. Overall I would recommend especially since I got it free with my Note 7 purchase.

  10. could you please tell me which one do I have to buy, the gear fit 2 or gear s 2 as my daily watch and activities tracker?

  11. Shalom I have the watch and I am in love with it, it's so comfortable I only take it off to shower.

  12. Shalom I have the watch and I am in love with it, it's so comfortable I only take it of to shower.

  13. I purchased one a week ago. I really like it. My battery life has been at least 2 plus days. I am happy. I love the sleekness and design. I like getting the notifications and the way you can respond to texts. So far I am very happy with it. I am a senior and really like the screen. Samsung always have an awesome display. I am using it with my Galaxy 7s. To me it is a keeper.

  14. does it do continual heart rate monitoring when on a run to see real time on your wrist? thanks in advance

  15. Can you access contacts and dial calls?

  16. will i be able to recieve notifications for calls whatsapp and facebooks? and will it allows accepting and rejecting calls from band itself?

  17. selling mines never used…Getting it by saturday.

  18. Thanks for the review! I've just received mine today and it's just what I needed! I got it so that I can track my water intake and the light workout routine I do 3x weekly. Telling the time, tracking my daily cups of water, the music app, and the countdown timer is exactly what I needed. Samsung did a great job with this watch!

  19. I got mine with the note 7.i really haven't found a use for it beyond using it as a watch.

  20. Can it replace my Fitbit charge hr and Moto 360?

  21. What about media playback controls, like for Pandora for example.

  22. I have one I've been using it for a couple days I like it my goal is to walk about 10,000 steps and I do a little bit so that no one can help me I can answer phone calls on it let me know what you need I can tell you what else

  23. Did u just advertise the Amazon App Store? Doesn't Amazon App store take their sweet time for updating apps? That's always been my dilemma. Google Play Store would showcase an app's update and the same app on Amazon App Store would take eons to update.

    I'd rather pay full price.

  24. I got it for free with my Note 7 so I don't care if it's nothing out of the ordinary

  25. Bought it, use it and love it.. I own the Fitbit Charge and still use it because I have many, many months of data in the fitbit App, since buying the Gear Fit 2 however, the fitbit has been relegated to my trouser pocket. I also own the Microsoft Band 2 but I am rather disappointed with its companion App. I really do like the Gear Fit 2, it does everything I require it to do and the S Health App integrates seamlessly with it. The gear Fit 2 is stylish, comfortable to wear and easy to navigate. I love that it has GPS and I think it very reasonably priced. So, after many weeks of using it I am ultra happy with it. A great honest video by the way.

  26. can u answer phone an speak thru gear

  27. this wasn't on my radar until best buy showed i could get one with my note 7 pre order and after some research this will be great for me.

  28. Matthew. I think I know the answer, but you don't need your phone on hand when you go workout do you?. I like the fact that I could load some music onto it and use that as my player and GPS recorder instead of taking out my expensive phone (even though it would be in a running arm band) and risk it getting damaged. Does this show google hangout messages?

    I currently have the Garmin Vivoactive and love it. It does most of what this one does but extremely limited in the apps you can get for it and will only display facebook message, email notifications (not the email itself) and text messages. It won't show Google Hangouts (which my wife and I use mostly).

  29. With the fact that I have a Samsung gear s2 classic. I don't think I would get this. Seems to be the only difference is the gps tracking. Though if this was available in February when I bought my watch I think I would have taken this.

  30. Gotta keep hydrated whilst destroying noobs on oberwatch?? Great video Matthew!

  31. Should I get this or the 256gb sd card with my note 7 as a gift?

  32. thanks man, just bought one!

  33. Hi Matthew, thats a really nice review.

    Does the gear fit vibrate on 1) notification 2) when you are not moved for a long tome.

  34. great review makes me want a note 7 more so I can get this for free and a great phone

  35. Great review! I'm considering getting the Galaxy Note 7, & Samsung's current promo offers a free Gear Fit 2 or a 256gb SD card. I wanted to research the Gear Fit 2 cuz it might have more practical use than such a gigantic memory card, & I think this review clarified that for me, haha. I'm probably gonna get the Gear Fit 2! ?

  36. Woah! Never thought the Gear Fit 2 can do that much… now I want to buy one. Lol, but doesn't have enough money :'( Great review though.

  37. I noticed you were using it on a treadmill, did it accurately count your steps? I want to purchase this band but I've read a few reviews indicating it does not count steps on a treadmill which would be a deal-breaker for me?

  38. I had to stop after the running machine bit to type this. Thanks for making my morning a little brighter. Always like to start the day with a smile : )

  39. great video as always matt. i don't see the need for the fitness band for me.. i just take my protrek casio which i like for long term use .. it's heavy a little but i get used to it?. besides that what tablets do your recommended that in market right now .. i like the ipad pro but it is too expensive here unfortunately?. so what do u think???

  40. Hi-hi! Ooh Exciting Mm-hmm!

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