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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review

Read more about this stylish fitness tracker here: http://engt.co/1YekYtq

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  1. is there remainder move option

  2. Great video.I already have Gear S2 classic and I want to buy this fit2. Someone told me that there is no way to connect both gears on the gear app !!! Anyone have tried this? Appreciate the answers

  3. Hi recently got the Gear Fit 2 a couple days ago.  Been having an issue hopefully someone can help with.  When I go out of range with my Gear Fit 2 and the Bluetooth disconnects from my Galaxy S7 it does not automatically reconnect when I'm back in range.  I have to go to the Gear app and reconnect it to my phone.  Any one have this issue?  Didn't have this issue with my Garmin It would automatically reconnect to my phone.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

  4. The fitbit surge shown in the review costs more then only a "slightly bit" more then gear fit 2

  5. That last one was totally ridiculous.  Christ.

  6. you havnt mentioned that its water proof thats a cool feature

  7. I like running without a phone but I still want music. I use right now a TomTom Spark but I would also like notification from my phone during the day. the gear fit 2 looks like a perfect match to me.

  8. was wondering why I wasn't already subscribed to this channel, then after the last line of the review I remembered why I unsubscribed.

  9. That last line is a bit puzzling

  10. Thanks for the great review! I have a Fitbit charge HR at the moment and I am interested in replacing it with this one. What should I expect to miss from my Fitbit experience while using this one? Also I am using a Galaxy S6 phone and I am already familiar with SHealth and I love it. Thanks!

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