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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review

Lisa Gade reviews Samsung’s new fitness wearable with smart features, the Gear Fit 2. It has a faster CPU and a wider display than the 2014 model, as well as a more supple band.

** Read our full written review here: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/gadgets/Samsung-Gear-Fit-2.htm

The $179 Gear 2 is available in 3 colors and 2 sizes and it has a heart rate monitor, GPS, step counter, stair counter, sleep monitor and 4 gigs of internal storage for music and apps. It runs Samsung’s Tizen OS and it works with any Android phone running OS 4.4 KitKat or newer. It works in conjunction with the Gear2 and S Health apps on the phone. It’s IP68 water resistant, and it has a vibrate motor, Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi. The AMOLED 1.5” display is colorful and bright enough for outdoor use.



  1. Addendum…i will never buy a Samsung product again

  2. I paid nearly $300 for this watch. It was bought from the Samsung website. Apart from the band not fastening correctly it wasn't too bad. 8 months after purchase the band snapped at the joint between the watch body and band…SAMSUNG would not cover it under warranty, so $50 later I started to wear it again.. 2 months later it broke again… SAMSUNG refuse to honor their warranty and want another $140 for repairs… Samsung will not help, as well as the ACCC after sending numerous letters… I'm left $350 out of pocket and an unwearable piece of crap

  3. can you these on a iphone ????

  4. She has to referemce the sexist colors lol. Always the vaginas that look like men that have issues with this stuff.

  5. great review, trying to decide between this and the vivosmart3.

    Thank you for filming in 720/60 1080/60, makes a huge difference and nobody does it. Thankyou!

  6. Pink and blue are not sexist? GTFO with that nonsense. Otherwise good review.

  7. is there any way to read txt files?

  8. i love how fast you talk lol

    i just got one of these for free so I wanted to check out what it does

    great video

  9. Always the best reviews 👍 thank you

  10. Very well done review. Great work there. Thank you 🙂

  11. I got Mine for free I got A Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge And I got this for free and I am loving This Product

  12. Great review. Very concise, balanced and informative.👍

  13. does this do anything with txt messaging?

  14. best review . can i get call notification ?

  15. I hate it. I lost mine the band fall off easily. The lock mechanism sucks. I hope Samsung would address this.

  16. she's hott, I'm gonna sub

  17. Thank you so much, this video saved me $150+ again thank you

  18. the heart rate is spotty i needed something that kept track all day if you dont it may not bother you. often it couldnt keep up with me i have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome so my heartrare can get pretty high. and it didnt always get text messages:-(

  19. can u install watch apps?

  20. Will it work with an iPhone 6 and just not have calls or texts showing?

  21. How did you get spotify on the watch i couldn't figure out how

  22. could you use your own images as watch faces like the first gear fit ? or are you stuck with Samsung and 3rd party faces ?

  23. could you use your own images as watch faces like the first gear fit ? or are you stuck with Samsung and 3rd party faces ?

  24. I returned it wasn't for me I like the fitbit Blaze better. more functionality for what I need. the Samsung looked nice but had some flaws in my eyes.

  25. how to unlock the gear fit 2

  26. can i still use this even if i have an iphone?

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