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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Fitness Tracker Detailed Review

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker review is here for you guys.
I tried The new version of fit by Samsung and I have to say that I like it even though I had some issues with the unit that I purchased.

Hope you enjoy the review

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  1. Dude, please work on your talking style. I feel so tired after less than 10 minutes. You're losing the audience. Can't stay focused for 15 minutes.

  2. Hi, nice review. I have had mine now for about 6 months and (pretty much) love it. Quick question: Can you charge it via a wall charger? How about via a power bank?

  3. I don't understand why Samsung hasn't released some replacement bands being that the band being unreliable and the fact that it is a fitness tracker yet make sure a band for it.  It has been a compliant from the beginning and I truly don't understand why they haven't some up with replacements yet……

  4. I hear the band of these trackers are terrible. Is it true and if so which after market band is worth it ?

  5. 38 bpm??? I don't think that is healthy, do you have any condition?

  6. How do i tell it when im going to sleep or is it suppose to automatically know ? Went to bed yesterday and nothing was recorded for sleeping

  7. tu my unfortunate small size strap isn't available in india.

  8. i loved the way u gave all information… thanks

  9. My gear fit 2 which I just purchased 2 weeks ago, is now telling me that I have 14815 calories burned today. This is not possible. Any insight or solutions is appreciated. Thank you

  10. i bought a cheap band sometime ago which i binned after a couple days, reason being i use my hands all day at work and after a day grafting it said i had 36,000 steps which was completely incorrect, could this happen with this device, thanks for your previous reply

  11. Am I correct in thinking, if i use one of these and its uses Bluetooth connection to my 7 edge i then do not have the option to use Bluetooth headphones at the same time? As the bit and phone are paired, for me this would be the killer reason not to buy one as i use headphones about 5 hours a day

  12. You talk WAY too fast. Slow down already!!!

  13. Awesome review, helped me making a decision, thanx, will definitely get one! Cheers!

  14. my GPS is not working unless I take my phone along with. the moment I turn off Phone's GPS, Fit 2 GPS also stops working. Is it a common problem with all devices or mine is faulty one?

  15. I have just bought this watch after searching for 2 weeks and it sold out everywhere. Went to the Samsung shop and was told by the staff that is hasn't been released yet!!! In fact they argued the fact!!. I ordered it off the Samsung.com site in the end and received it yesterday. In searching for it, I found somewhere that showed a new Samsung one that will be coming out, don't know when, but it looked like Samsung S2 white and rose gold but thinner. Do you know if thats true and where (didn't bookmark it) it will sell from please?

  16. Good vid cheers mate!

  17. Great review, thanks for the detail and effort on this!

  18. Thanks for your guidance… thanks once again…

  19. Is it compatible with ios

  20. relly nice .gear fit 2 price ??

  21. is there any that has weather

  22. A couple of things. I just got mine and installed the latest software version. When I am at the music player screen and tap the settings/gear icon that has shuffle, repeat, etc. I have no "Play Music From Phone" option. However, if you tap the phone or gear icon above the name of the song playing, it switches it from one to the other. Also, there is not 4GB of music storage b/c the software takes up around 2, so you have about 2 for music storage (I think 1000 or so songs). Thanks!!!

  23. Hi, did u test the fit 2 for tracking your run ?
    CAN YOU import data to Runkeeper or Strava ?

  24. Oh gosh way to fast talking for us seniors. But it was educational with the overview.

  25. can i use GPRS system in gear fit 2, while driving car to go from A to B place by using gear fit 2 Screen ..?

    Please Reply buddy…

  26. Just in case anyone is wondering, Amazon has tons of Gear Fit 2 bands

  27. I bought the fit2 and when I turned it on it told me I already burned 700+ calories. Ok no big deal it's just confused. Next day, I turn it on and it's the very same thing. Also told me I went up 512 flights of stairs when I went up only 4. Do not buy, this thing is very inaccurate.

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