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Samsung Gear Fit 2 first look

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is an update to 2014’s Gear Fit fitness tracker and comes with a larger display, sleeker design, and true GPS tracking. It works with most Android phones and will cost $179 when it launches later this month.

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  1. comment vous la taper elle va pas durait longtemps ??

  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06WD921GT
    "Save £3.00 when you purchase 1.End Date

  3. People listen to me don't buy this watch! They're giving it away for free basically! That should tell you that in the next 6/8 months you will never receive any new prl or any updates for this watch. They will just put it in the Samsung graveyard with the other watches… GEAR S RIP THE BEST SMART WATCH EVER..

  4. Does it support on Samsung galaxy A5??


  6. Which is better gear s2 or gear fit 2?

  7. I really wanted this product to work but unfortunately it doesn't after 3 days and 2 exchanges I decided to just get my money back and go with the fitbit blaze. fitbit blaze more accurate and bigger display. starighy out the box it said i burned 100cals. I figured I'll give it a day and when it resets I'll be good. next day I wake up and I already burned 1200 calories. but on the S Health app it shows a few hundred. the watch could never sync the right information from the app. the Samsung rep from bestbuy took a watch straight out the box and paired it to his phone and he as well already started with 800cals and was never able to sync the info from s health to his s7 edge. on the app he was getting 350cals etc. I even had a samsung rep over the phone take control of my phone with the smart tutor app and they were unable to resolve the issue. according to samsung there seems to be some software issue that's not allowing the info from s health to sync to the watch. it didn't matter if we selected view mode gear fit or phone or all steps. the results on the app change but the info on the watch remains the same.

  8. For some reason I don't think she did a very good job of reviewing this. She just wasn't into it at all. Wah wah

  9. Does it work on OnePlus X, running Oxygen OS? Based on Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop).

  10. 2:00 wait wait wait what is the battery life with always on display?
    It does have always-on, right? Would love to use this as a smartwatch, even if just with the clock, calendar and map features.
    But if you cant prevent the screen from sleeping, or if it doesnt auto-wake when lifting your arm or whatever, its kinda pointless for that.
    Really want a more detailed usability and battery life test.

  11. Does it have a speaker or does it need to be connected to headphones?

  12. Why don't any of the reviews mention the 4gigs of memory for storing music. Enough for my workout music, just grab some Bluetooth headphones.

  13. when its releasing in the UK

  14. moto 360 first gen is much better option and cheaper.

  15. Hi guys.
    The Gear fit 2 supports 3rd party device as well. with android and iphone as well

  16. Does it have a continous heart rate monitor?

  17. hi does it measure all day calories burned or only the active calories ?

  18. Tizen. Useless. None of google function will work. Bought Gear 2 classic and returned after a week and got myself Huawei Watch. No regret. Tizen still sucks ball.

  19. You can see her apple watch imprint on her arm ?

  20. but will it show notifications from your phone? facebook, google+, youtube, viber?

  21. Lauren has so much hair on her hands….

  22. What's with all the background noise?

  23. Taped her dress so they could get the angle shots haha. Maybe wear a better outfit to a video review? Eh, maybe it got more views.

  24. Hey pretty girl, you also come with gear fit 2 out of the box ?

  25. Horrible. Looks like a kid's toy.

  26. You dont have to push the physical button to wake the display, just flick your wrist.

  27. Would never buy this, I would rather have a gear S2

  28. It doesn't sync to an app I can view on my computer? WTH?!?!

  29. I think Microsoft Band 2 is still a better deal than Gear fit 2.

  30. will this work with my nexus?

  31. Gonna definitely buy the Mi Band 2.

  32. Thanks for the review and explaining that it works with or without iOS and by itself. Nice price.

  33. Can you get music on this if you're not paired with a device and if I were to use this as a standalone tracker can I use wireless earbuds

  34. Can't stand the background noise.

  35. Terrible video…. film what you're talking about, it gets too distracting!

  36. nice looking and very afficient… amazing

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