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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Fail

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Fail
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  1. Never had an issue with it falling it off and I use it during contract sports and even triathlons. And as far as your screen breaking I don't know what the hell you did I have been working in a garage slipped off wrenches and smacked the screen against metal not even a scratch. And I get 3 days battery life and that is with at least one GPS tracked hour run a day. These bullshit reviews are what I hate about YouTube

  2. To keep it in that price point I guess they had to compromise on the glass. Else they would have gone for sapphire. But that would shoot up the price.

  3. Mine would not even charge. Ty for your insight

  4. i was given the watch the stap come in to sizes yet i have the big on and it a stugle to put on battery life poor. other than that ive got gps on on the watch and it comes in handy with volume up and down music all works with my bluetooth. but i can put up with it.

  5. Even they have manufacturing defect in ip67. Mine got water damaged within 6 days.. with just running sweat and rain splash.. samsung is checking if they can replace.. 😓

  6. i have the watch… i have the same problem with the watch popping off when i stick my hand in my pocketbook.
    but my real problem is… this watch is not charging, help!

  7. Thanks for the video. Im going to have to return mine. I work in a secured facility and I dont feel like getting fired over dropping it in there. lol. I really didn't take into consideration that it would be so easy for it to fall off.

  8. the band sux other wise I like it

  9. Hey mine fell off didn't even feel it fall off.

  10. I guess this is good to test it, how about buying a regular watch band but a rubbery like the Gear Fit 2 band and use its free loop to support the locking mechanism. It'll be good enough to hold up the band and use it to support the locking mechanism so it won't fall easily. If anyone tried it, just replay here. I still didn't buy this watch.

  11. why don't you buy a new strap with a better locking mechanism. you know there are many third party ones like that

  12. Anyone have issues where the Samsung Fitbit2 is on the charger and will NOT CHARGE??????????

  13. mine fell off my wrist and I had no clue. It's long gone now

  14. The tab lock on my band completely fell out. Band is a total fail just like Flossy says. Samsung is supposed to give me a new one but I don't want it. Order a new Mortek with a hasp gor $8. Love it.

  15. Yep loved the Watch …. Now lost forever 🙁

  16. I like my Gear Fit 2, but the locking mechanism popped off and it's very hard trying to remove the band to send off to Samsung for an exchange. I called Samsung and told them the situation and if this has happened before. They said no, but it did happen to me. Just so everyone knows this can happen to you too.

  17. if I try to connect mine to my phone it won't connect, it just keeps at the 'setting' screen

  18. I too have had that problem. It's too easily open, fell off a bunch of time. 3 months after purchase it fell off and the screen shatters.

  19. I agree with everything you have said. I ended up buying a new replacement band with standard watchband strap. I wish I had seen this before I bought this. I also can not receive my email, as I did with a previous smart watch.,

  20. Yes. I have this problem. I didn't at first. My band stop being secure and falling off 3 months in. I never got it wet. I am not super active. My wrist size takes size small on the tightest or 2nd tightest hole.

  21. I have one and bought new bands, so it would not fall off. I have dropped it a few times at work on the concrete and had no problem. I also only charge mine every 2 days, some times longer. I also sleep in my watch so it will tell how effective my sleep was.

  22. Please show how to receive a call on Samsung Gear Fit 2. Is it necessary to install any other app for receiving a call? Please help.
    Thanks !

  23. my band popped off at the watch and landed on concrete and screen cracked bad and no one can fix cash gone😑

  24. how can I replace the screen?? mine felt off the first week that I bought it

  25. u got it at dollar store

  26. my watch does not do anything u say

  27. it sucks I went for a walk and I lost it

  28. i just bought a new watch band for mine on amazon. silicon like the one it comes with except has a clasp. 7 bucks. works great.

  29. Mine just fell off and cracked the screen. Wish I knew about the locking bands earlier.

  30. Can you download a third party keyboard so you can text your own way?

  31. no phone can not break if a bowling ball hits it any glass or screen will break

  32. Can you imagine wearing this thing for a swim at the beach? Mine falls off daily – OK not right off, but in the water it would.
    I've ordered a replacement with a proper watch clasp from ebay – hopefully that's better.

  33. i hade it so tight i can feel it cone off

  34. I haven't had any problems as the loop stops it from falling off it can unclip but only if your wearing it too tight

  35. Just like you said: wait for Samsung to change the bands… And I must say, I just bought it and the band is very well stuck in its hole (unlike you showing on your video). I will buy a screen protector to be sure though…

  36. I lost my first one in a little over 24 hours. My significant other gave me theirs, I replaced the band and perfection.

  37. You can buy a clasp for 10 bucks that works great and I have hit weights on mine while at the gym and have even dropped it on concrete and not even a scratch.

  38. mine just broke, do they offer repairs on these? is it worth it?

  39. Thank you for this review. I have had mine for 5 days and it fell off a dozen times. I really love the features but I am returning this for a fitness tracker that has a secure band.

  40. I totally agree with the band issue but my battery is good, I can go 2 days without charging it.. mine lasted 4 months, it fell and now the screen is cracked

  41. where you get your band for the gear s2 thst you have on?

  42. It is true that band kinda sucks, and it's not durable at all. So I ended up spending about 20$ Get a New case-band thing-y and protective film. But after that, everything was just okay. Even I dropped it several times, the Gear Fit2 didn't got any damage, so try that. Mine worked really well after turning off some automatic tracking. I really like the watch. If you think that Gear Fit2 is about 20$ cheaper than any other fitness trackers, it's definitely an awesome product. Also Gear app works so well, way better than stupid Android Wear App..


  44. What does the gear fit do that the gear s2 doesn't do, I want the gear fit for fitness but I also want the gear s2 and I'm debating on which one to get.

  45. mine would fall off so I got some little strap things and that's the only way for me to get it to stay on. I love it now.

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