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Samsung Gear Fit 2 activity tracker review

Samsung has managed to pack a 1.5-inch SuperAMOLED display, heart rate sensors, and GPS into a wristband. Is it worth $180? The Verge’s Lauren Goode reviews the latest activity tracker.

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  1. The fit 2 works with iOS but features are limited

  2. !Cheapest price for This Samsung gear Fit2 Tracker Available Now

  3. I get 3 days out of my new one by lowering the brightness a couple numbers down makes it last longer.

  4. My old one from last year used to tell me if I've been inactive to long my new one does not.

  5. Be sure to read Activity review on my blog before you buy. Go to noahreviews. com/activity-review/ Thanks. Franklyn.

  6. does the gps mean that I don't have to bring my phone to track my run?

  7. it's supposed to be waterproof ?

  8. Wow Lauren Goode great review!

  9. Thank you very much for this review! My son just bought me this and your review has helped me alot.

  10. It's still too small.

  11. thanks for the quality review! I just ordered mine yesterday and am excited to use it with my S Health!

  12. Thanks for the great video! Filmed wonderfully and this convinced me to buy a fit 2 and I love it!

  13. Free samsung gear fit2 smartwatch just subscribe to my channel!

  14. Lies i use it with an iphone?

  15. Will this work well with non Galaxy phones?

  16. As of February 2017 this does now support iOS.

  17. She is too damn cute, js

  18. You do not need an android phone to use this device.

  19. Which color would yall choose, blue or black?

  20. I was the 222,222 view on this video

  21. It NOW Works with iPhones

  22. first off her V line is on point! and I got fit2 for free, so reguardless.. dope.

  23. its work only for samsung phone or other Android phone supported

  24. does it work with nike app?

  25. que tal es la resolucion debajo del sol se ve bien la pantalla? y al estar mojada la pantalla funciona bien el touch '? tiene blutu para los audifonos y se puede usar whatsapp o no

  26. hey please reply quick for Black Friday. But can the Gear Fit 2 use a chest strap for Heart Rate?

  27. have you the instant speed while running?

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