Using the RPi3 as a Media Centre with Chromium Browser on Raspbian OS for the best of both worlds – watch Videos online or via KODI Media Centre. Control the Pi with your smartphone, tablet or with a game controller (bluetooth)

If you would like to do something similar – here are all the things I set up & the instructions I followed…

My projector is only 720p & I have it greatly oversized too – so the wall resolution is only around 480p. With the Pi hooked up to my 1080p TV & watching a 1080p movie the quality was perfect & played flawlessly.

Update: My make-shift wooden case seems to work well. I bought a plastic pi case off ebay but then the pi starts to overheat, so I went back to the wood version & it’s good again.
If you live in a hot country use a case with lots of ventilation.
Raspberry Pi 3 running RASPBIAN Jessie (2016-02-26)

GPU memory increased from 64Mb to 256Mb in settings. (less might be ok too, I havent tested)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi

You need to run the STANDALONE instance of Kodi, not the default one in the menu, otherwise you will have problems exiting back to the OS (black screen)
Replace the default kodi app in the app menu with the standalone one & add a desktop icon too if you wish.
You can download an icon here

Follow the instructions here:
You just need to run these 6 commands & done!

If you wish to connect to your Pi as a network share, install samba.

Create Samba Share on Raspberry Pi

PS3 Controller – this is a little troublesome, be prepared for some googling & workarounds.
set up ***

note that bluez-utils is now called just bluez. you should be able to connect to the PS3 controller as this page details.

set up Sixaxis Manager, its troublesome & you need to extra installs as mentioned here:

How to actually install qtsixa on your raspberry pi.

Once installed it shows up in your Admin/Accesories menu.
You can edit the config file (read the PDF) & change the speed of the pointer (higher number is faster, 8 is good)
To auto-start it use “sixad –start” in an autostart .desktop file

VNC & Autostart – EASY

create autostart files for ps3 and vnc. (autostart files are explained in the rpi forum link above ^^ )

Hippo Remote LITE
– this is for iphone/ipad but I am sure there are even better android alternatives to be found.


Raspberry Pi Alternate Options: The Reason They’re a Greater Buy

Raspberry Pi is not the baddest micro PC in the market, and it is what its challengers are attempting to convey to the rest of the world. Now and then, a fresh mini computer is launched on the market promising to be the biggest one to beat Raspberry Pi. Truthfully, there is a new Raspberry Pi killer called NanoPi M1 Plus, which is Ubuntu-Linux ready and costs $30.

The Raspberry Pi is released with four variants throughout the years. Included in these are Raspberry Pi Model B+, Pi 2 Model B, Zero, and the latest which is Pi 3 Model B.

Pi 3 was made to be sure that Raspberry Pi could delight anybody with a well priced PC for programming. It’s improved CPU with the Cortex A53, Hackaday published, and runs on 1.2 GHz. At $35, the Raspberry Pi is the hottest of all.

The Raspberry Pi, even so, is not the sole single board computer(SBC) for homebrewed projects. There are a number more sold in the market which are less costly, and then some that can do more than Raspberry Pi for a little bit more, ZD Net declared.

First off, there is the Omega 2, sporting a modular nature allowing for software engineers to incorporate Bluetooth or Global positioning system unit straightforwardly. It has integrated Wi-Fi and flash storage space; the Operating-system is Linux distro on top of the OpenWrt system. The Omega 2 will set you back $5 and can likewise run on FreeBSD Operating-system, which explains why it’s perfect for university students.

The BBC Micro:bit will set you back $16 and is ideal learners for their training and prototyping projects. A 32-bit ARM Cortex central processor energizes it from inside and it stands out from the remainder for its 5×5 LED matrix. This benefit gives you 25 separately programmable red Led lights for basic output.

Also, there is the BeagleBone Black, which will set you back $55 and like the Raspberry Pi, is yet another community-supported platform both for enthusiasts and developers. It truely does work fast; it can boost Linux in as few as 10 seconds and can develop in within 5 minutes. It is motivated by AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 coupled with 512MB DDR3 RAM.

A fresh one is the NanoPi M1 Plus, that was dubbed as the new Raspberry Pi killer. At $30, it promises to have a better made layout and design and was in a position to use valuable functions including Wi-Fi and Wireless BT. Also, it contains an IR receiver, microphone, 8GB storage, and power and reset switches.

But, the top attribute of NanoPi M1 Plus is its capability to run Ubuntu-Mate, Ubuntu-Core, and also Debian, Beta News expressed. It’s a good choice for company users, developers, collectors, and learners.

nanopi m1 plus specs

FriendlyElec rolls out Ubuntu Linux-ready NanoPi M1 Plus – a $30 Raspberry Pi killer

Find out more on official site:

You will find there’s new Raspberry Pi rival that is quite competitively priced. In truth, a lot of people may regard it as a Pi killer. The $30 FriendlyElec NanoPi M1 Plus has an certainly remarkable layout and design, plus essential incorporated features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

FriendlyElec releases Ubuntu Linux-ready NanoPi M1 Plus — a $30 Raspberry Pi killer