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Electronic Circuit Board Supply

We provide you with PCBs for the dynamic electronics industry. We’re able to produce rigid circuit cards, flexible printed circuit boards, semi flexible circuit boards, and rigid flex PCB boards, and we cater to nation wide and offshore prototyping so we can supply low, medium to high volume production. We are able to address the full spectrum of circuit board fabrication from the simple to the most difficult multi-layer circuit boards.

We’re focused entirely on offering the top level of quality you expect for your electronic products, and that’s why we go to great lengths to continually present the end results you require. Our supply chain is properly equipped and capable to tackle any type of project. Get in touch with us immediately and obtain a quote to know more about what we can achieve to suit your needs.


Professional Service and Outstanding Products

We can communicates with every manufacturing plant straight away to ensure that our clients obtain the circuit boards that satisfy their requirements. We’ve held a alliance with each of these plants for a minimum of Three years, and we are positively visiting them and certifying UL, ISO, and IPC1710 quality criteria. With home vendors, we are going to also guarantee that they’re ITAR compliant if necessary. We deal with vendors in many other manufacture industries and deliver creative value-added solutions to aid manage your amount of work. These types of services incorporate:

  • Total Inventory Control
    Tailor made Product Labeling (private label)
    Simple Stocking Systems
    Customs & Logistics Management

Materials Managing

Material Management is our task. We’re one of the few printed circuit board companies that can deal with material constantly and expertly.

We’ve expended a substantial amount of hard work into our platform which deals with product for a variety of buyers. This will allow for our buyers to take advantage of the far more cut-throat costs by ordering higher amounts whilst still keeping their product off the books until it is certainly wanted.

We Ship On Demand or by Plan

Our MRP and accounting system permits us to keep a close eye on when product ought to ship so it is fast or on-time based on a PO shipping and delivery date. Aside from that, if you have a pull-in on your order, we are able to deal with and ship the same day as expected. A First-In, First-Out Inventory Management applies to circuit cards at the same time, including date codes and delivery requirements. We can easily keep a close eye on date codes to be sure you are receiving product that is built first and delivered in line with your agenda, and we’re able to handle orders scheduled from 2-3 months up to 1 year or more or as necessary.

Attention to Details

Certificates of Conformance are invariably provided with each shipment, and various document controls are additionally utilized to ensure products meet up with the necessary specs. We regularly examines inward bound shipments to confirm the product labels, documentation and other aspects are correct.

We have guaranteed an eco-friendly storage facility by paying close attention to everything. We wish to maintain your circuit boards safe from the elements. If required, tailor-made labeling for your product is offered.

We can Deal with Customs and Logistics
No one wants to handle customs except if they ought to, and we make the whole process much easier. Included in the service, we tackle all of the customs and logistics which means you do not be required to.

Among the leading printed circuit board companies, we are focused entirely on electronic circuit board prototype producing and assembly solutions, providing our consumers with quality, consistency and a variety of products.


We supply all sorts of expert PCB board manufacturing services. Additionally we provide enhanced circuit board solutions and outstanding circuit board fabrication services with our exclusive software, latent tools and qualified techs and engineers for you.

Regardless of being one of the biggest printed circuit board vendors, we always provide our customers with great, hands-on support service for each order.

Communicate with us for more information regarding our printed circuit board solutions, or obtain a quick PCB quote.