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Four Tricks to Finding a Low-volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer

pcb board assemblies

Working with small-run PCB assemblies has its advantages and downsides. As the consumer, there are some recommendations that will let you obtain the most out of your assembly. Outlined in this article, we are going to explain how to capitalize on the benefits and the ways to keep clear of the shortcomings.

Tips on how to Go with a Low-volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

The ideas referred to below should help you maximum benefit out of your small-run PCB assembly order.

1. One Service Provider

Decide on a small-run PCB maker who could be a one-stop service provider for all your PCB requires. The good thing about working with a small order is that you don’t need to coordinate with several organizations or individuals. Your order can be treated by a single point of contact.

2. Great need of Prototypes

Even though working with small orders, you must require use of prototypes – although it generates an further expenditure. Prototypes will help you to check your design and make improvements to it, when necessary.

3. Low-volume PCB Manufacturer

pcb board assemblies

Manufacturing small-run PCB assemblies could be a task when collaborating with an unsophisticated maker. Given that the order quantity is low, cost of production will be somewhat higher. And so, any misstep from the PCB maker will be responsible for higher losses for the customer.

4. Standard PCB Practices

Standard best practices related to PCB fabrication ought to be obeyed despite the fact that working with a small-run PCB assembly. This consists of design, manufacturing, assembly, and in addition PCBA testing steps.

Working with a small-run PCB assembly has its own set of plus points. Applying standard suggestions will allow you to build an order that might help you down the road.