96Boards OpenHours will be hosting a special event this week! All are invited to take part in this event which is completely separate from our regular broadcast. It will take place on Tuesday (April 25th at 6:00 pm PST), so be sure to add it to your calendar by clicking the link above. We will all be joining via the regular OpenHours BlueJeans channel for the 45 minute long special. During this broadcast you can expect some amazing announcements, we will also be prepared to take questions from anyone who joins. For those who are unable to join live on BlueJeans, we will also be broadcasting on Facebook live through the 96Boards facebook page. Anyone who misses our live broadcast will be able to find the recording on YouTube after. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Chat Log:

Shovan Sargunam – SS
Hikey 960 http://www.96boards.org/product/hikey960/

maddog – M
I ordered mine today from Amazon

Guest 19 – G1
I also ordered mine. Planning on purchasing at least two more within the next couple months

Shovan Sargunam – SS

HiKey 960

Saeid_Australia – S
have no sound!!!

Shovan Sargunam – SS
Documentation: http://www.96boards.org/documentation/ConsumerEdition/HiKey960/README.md/
Buy from Amazon: http://linaro.co/hikey960buy-amazonLenovator: http://linaro.co/hikey960buy
Alpha Star: http://linaro.co/hikey960buy-alpha

Christine Jorgensen – CJ
Buy now link on 96boards is broken

Shovan Sargunam – SS
Saeid can you try another browser or see us live on Facebook http://www.96boards.org/openhours/
Christine Let me check

Philip – P
not getting a working amazon link

Shovan Sargunam – SS
ahh amazone link just went offline

Guest 14 – G1
are we supposed to be seeing something?

Ricardo Salveti – RS
main screen seems to be on robert

Thomas Hoppe – TH

Mani – M

Amit Kucheria – AK
robert, we seem to be seeing you
instead of Vishal

Celine – C
yes, it is.

Thomas Hoppe – TH

Robert Wolff – RW
Get ready, Christine. Big Buck bunny

Carl – C
Can’t find price on Amazon?

Manny – M
What are we seeing in terms of cold boot time (actual # of secs) to get to the home screen…?

Yang – Y

Philip – P
Can’t find on Amazon even by searching

Mani – M

Guest 19 – G1
The A73 optimization guide isn’t actually available to the public yet is it?

Mani – M
Philip: You can find in the above link 😉

Leo Liu – LL
The links will be avilable after this openhours launch

Philip – P
ah lemaker

Carl – C
I think te USB 3.0 is great because can use portable monitors.

maddog – M
Better thermals with both the CPU and GPU


HiKey 960: Google And Huawei’s Up-market Raspberry Pi Alternative Runs Android 7.1 And Linux

Bottom line: Google, Huawei, and Linaro have collaborated to release HiKey 960 mini PC that runs Android and Linux. It’s an officially supported Android reference board which can be used by developers to code software for ARM-based systems. It’s powered by Huawei’s octa-core Kirin 960 processor, LPDDR4 RAM, and Mali-G71 GPU.

Each time we hear the name Android, the first thought that comes to our minds is an operating system that powers the most of the phones all over the world. But, as time passes, it has grown to be one of the major members in the operating system world by finding its place on smart devices, tvs, computers, vehicles, and so forth. This also has made new chances for Android developers because they can code applications for devices of various form factors.

Currently, to help the developers code software program for ARM systems without having to be dependent upon Chromebooks or Intel x86 systems, Google, Huawei, and Linaro have made available HiKey 960.It will cost you $239 and has dimensions of 85x55mm.

HiKey 960 single board PC is a strong Raspberry Pi alternative that runs Android. The product is powered by the Huawei’s octa-cire Kirin 960 chip that powers the Mate 9 flagship also.

Learn more https://fossbytes.com/hikey-960-google-huawei-raspberry-pi-alternative/

Google teams up with Huawei for high-end Raspberry Pi rival that runs Android