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Gear Fit2 Pro Hands on – Wearable fitness tech for Gym and Serious swimmers

This is a quick video showing you Samsung’s latest fitness wearable tracker. Improved Heart Rate Monitor and water resistance for your serious swimmers out there.

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  1. What size wrist does a small fit inches only not metrics my wrist size is a 63/4

  2. I am so frustrated and disappointed, the Gear Fit Pro does not work with Iphone even though Samsung said it does. The worst part, is that Samsung's customer service is terrible. They don't care or try to help.

  3. Pre ordered two gear fit 2 pro for my wife and I.  Does not work with iPhones!!

  4. I had 3 difference Samsung Gear Fit 2 devices, and none of them counted stairs correctly. The last one actually counted flights of stairs for about a month, until they did an upgrade on the software and since then it has not counted a single light! Has this problem been fixed with the pro?

  5. Could you use the band's on the gear fit2

  6. any word if it will track weight training?

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  8. Thanks for the nice review. Does anybody know if any of these new Samsung wearables will sync two an external heart rate monitor?

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