El Elephone C1 es un terminal de gama media que quiere abrirse paso entre los terminales de gama alta a un precio sin competencia.

A parte, Samsung ya prueba android 7.0 Nougat en algunos de sus terminales, y Huawei ha sacado una versión muy especial de su famoso P9, todo esto y muchas más noticias en el vídeo de hoy.

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Saludos y os espero en el próximo vídeo.

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Good things about Android OS 7.0 Nougat on Elephone C1 Max

As you ought to be learning, the fresh Elephone C1 Max delivers Android 7.0 Nougat. It really is in the middle of a couple handsets that come along with Android Nougat, and opening quite a few selections for the people. Here are several of the beneficial properties that bring the Nougat in Elephone C1 Max:

1. Reduced ingestion of electrical power and data
Doze setting now helps save battery power although you’re on the move. So your phone will continue to go into low power ingestion when you carry it in your pocket or handbag. Aside from that, when Data Saver is activated, mobile apps in the back ground won’t have the possibility to gain access to cell data.

2. Entire advancement of security and safety:

With potent layers of security, encryption and additional functions that include Effortless updates, file-based shield of encryption, and direct boot, Elephone C1 Max can better separate and defend information for personal users on your phone.

Moreover, with Direct Boot function, initiating your model will be swifter and mobile apps will run safely and securely even before you key in your security password.

3. Split window support:

Nowadays you can switch between mobile apps with a double tap and run two apps alongside. So move ahead and watch a video clip while messaging, reword two data files together or read a recipe with your clock wide open. With Elephone C1 Max, you could do the job far more properly.

4. More personalized options and wiser messages:

Mini conversations within your notifications allow you to interact swiftly – without opening any mobile application. With bundled notifies, you’ll discover what’s new instantly with bundled notifies from mobile apps. Simply just tap to expand and look at additional information while not having to open the software application. What’s more, because of Elephone C1 Max, it is easy to modify not merely the magnitude of the text but also the proportions of the icons.

For more info, drive to the official webpage www.elephone.hk.