El Elephone C1, es un smartphone gama mitja que pretén fer-se un lloc a la gama més alta i sobre tot a un bon preu.
També parlarem de les futures actualitzacions dels Samsung Galaxy s7 i Galaxy Note 7 entre altes moltes cosses.

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Best things about Android 7.0 Nougat for Elephone C1 Max

As you must be learning, the latest Elephone C1 Max comes equipped with Android 7.0 Nougat. It’s amongst a couple of cell phones which come with Android Nougat, and opening all sorts of alternatives for the buyers. Here are several of the amazing advantages which carry the Nougat in Elephone C1 Max:

1. Decreased eating of power and data
Doze option finally can save battery power although you’re on the move. So your phone will still get into low power use when you carry it in your pocket or back pack. On top of that, when Data Saver is fired up, mobile apps in the back ground won’t have the capacity to get access to cell data.

2. Over-all development of security and safety:

With potent layers of security, encryption and increased features for example , Seamless updates, file-based encryption, and direct boot, Elephone C1 Max may far better isolate and give protection to data for personal users on your phone.

At the same time, with Direct Boot attribute, starting up your item can be quicker and mobile apps will run securely even before you enter your security password.

3. Split window support:

Today you can switch between mobile apps with a double tap and run two apps side-by-side. So move ahead and watch a online video whilst text messaging, change two files together or read a recipe with your cooking timer open. With Elephone C1 Max, you could potentially work more successfully.

4. More personal options and wiser messages:

Mini conversations within your notifications mean you can reply quickly – without the need to open any application. With combined notifications, you will uncover what’s new quickly with combined notifications from mobile apps. Quickly tap to expand and look at more information and never having to start up the smartphone app. In addition, on Elephone C1 Max, it is possible to modify not just the dimensions of the text but additionally the size of the icons.

For much more information, get to the official web site www.elephone.hk.