PCB Board Fabrication in the Spanish Mainland


We’re a startup spanish firm presenting top quality and unequalled prices in manufacturing of PCB Boards.
We serve the prototyping lovers as well as the industry. We’re pros in very short timings and then we are able to ship the boards in the same day we get the Gerbers, if you desire to.
We’re always growing, and in most cases bring in innovative materials and technologies in the producing process.

Price Calculator

Commonly asked questions


What format of Gerber and Drill files do you agree to?

We agree to Gerbers from all the Cad Programs, basically export them in RS-274-X format. The drills file need to be Excellon1 or 2 compatible.

Precisely why are the prototypes prices so super-cheap? Aren’t there a fix cost of tooling?

We now have designed,developed and manufactured our own machinery which means that we can easily contend with other countries (including China,Bulgaria,and so on..) where mortgages and costs are a great deal lower. In PCBYA there’s no tooling cost.


Simply how much does it cost shipping to my country?

Make use of the online calculator earlier mentioned for information about the shipment.
When your country is not there, send us a e-mail message.

Payment method

What is the payment method?

The payment method is paypal,so you can pay readily with Visa cards,Master card,etcetera with your currency.
When you buy a board, we send a message with a paypal weblink where you can easily pay in a safe and sound way, and then paypal will notify us of your payment and we start the manufacturing of your PCB Board.

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