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What exactly is a VPN? And how come I want one for China?

What exactly is a VPN? And how come I want one for China?

If you’ve never been to mainland China before (i.e not Hong Kong or Macau) you may be shocked when you’re there and be aware of that you simply can’t use a lot of the websites that you adore and use daily. This is due to the so-called “Great Firewall” of China – a nationwide enforced internet filtering system that restricts the access of some websites when you are in China. Over 2600 top web sites are obstructed in China. A few of these hindered web sites can include:

Menu of other websites

Most recently the UK’s most read online newspaper, The Guardian, has also been put into the block list.

Apparently, being unable to use the above sites symbolizes a huge obstacle.

A lot of us depend upon such sites for our social interaction, management of tasks, work, and communication. You could possibly endure some days without needing such sites, but for people who anticipate residing in China for an extended period of time, we must have a means to fix this problem- our living, interactions, and sanity rely on it!


Benefits of hiring a real estate agent

Are you looking to buy or rent an apartment and you think that you know everything thanks to tonnes of articles on the internet and you can do everything yourself? Lannhill Real Estate Agency will tell you some benefits why you should hire agent even if you think that you have a good knowledge on real estate subject.

You should hire an agent because he has better knowledge and experience. Even if you have a good knowledge, it will be still smarter from you to hire somebody who if professional on this subject. Important, that it will save your valuable time.

An agent as well will prevent you to filter homes according to your requirement. They will check all available properties before they invite you and choose the best ones. You agent as well will filter all calls that are leading to nowhere.

Moreover, real estate agents have a good knowledge of neighbourhood and areas. So, they will suggest your areas according to your preferences. Let’s say you are a family and you need to have a school around, as well some playground for kids. As well you need a supermarket nearby and some other facilities.

Real Estate agent will provide you accurate market condition information. He will inform you different data such as prices per square meter in different areas on similar homes, list of properties etc.

No doubt, that agents have a good professional networking and many of this providing buy and sell property services. This can help you to find the ideal place.

Agents have good negotiation skills. So, they will make all talking for you with buyers or sellers. A good agent is not a messenger, the part of their job description is to represent client’s case and all client information confidently.

Furthermore, real estate agent will handle the volume of paperwork. The agreement will be around 10 pages. Remember even one small mistake can cost you lots of money. That’s why it will be a smart decision to give this responsibility to a professional real estate agent and check with lawyers before you sign anything.

Lawyers in Mauritius corporate law

We are Lawyers in Mauritius from TMI Law Firm Mauritius and in this article, we will tell you what is corporate law.  The corporate law can be defined as the set of conceptual and instrumental tools of the different branches of law that directly affect the formation, organisation, operation and control of companies. The legal sustenance of business activity is nourished by theories, institutions, principles, normative texts of different branches of the law, which form the corporate law.

Thus, the specialist in corporate law manages the legal basis of all branches of law applicable to the company. At TMI  we have a team of lawyers with the knowledge and skills necessary to legally advise companies on their conformation, organisation and control, as well as to understand and interpret the general corporate system.

What would be the point of establishing a company with a large investment of capital, furniture, industrial implements, machinery, etc., if there are no licenses and permits? If the commercial operations are not guaranteed? If industrial property rights are not protected or if there is a breach of tax obligations, with the consequence of being granted an economic penalty and in some cases deprivation of liberty? The diversity of relationships that arise when exchanging goods and services, which constitute the fundamental part of the economic activity of the company, implies the need for them to be carried out in a framework of order, equality and legal certainty. Corporate Law directly affects these aspects of the company.

In any country, the company exists with similar characteristics: capital, which represents the economic aspect, and the labor force, which implies the social aspect. In all countries, the company must act under a specific legal framework. At TMI law firm we provide advice for your company to be successful. Our specialists in Corporate Law will be able to advise you and deal with the legal aspect, while you take care of other aspects of the business.

Off plan Dubai Developments

We are off plan Dubai and we will explain what you need to know about buying off plan properties. Of course, purchasing off-plan projects has its own risks. The main advantage is, as a rule, a lower price. Developers usually offer 10 to 30 percent lower prices for unplanned and unfinished facilities. The closer to the end, the higher the price (usually).

Nowadays, developers are attracting buyers with increasingly attractive and flexible payment plans. “Order now with Dh5K” … “Pay only 10 percent and go.” “Pay 50 percent now and 50 percent two years after completion” … “Pay 1 percent per month” … some of the more aggressive advertisements that were recently seen on billboards along the road to Sheikh Zayed or on propertyfinder.ae. And while some of the developer developers still require and receive up to 80 percent in the construction process, the most popular payment plan these days is 50 percent for construction and 50 percent for completion. However, there are risks.

Project delays

The most common problem with buying a plan is that your project will be postponed. It was suggested that more than 50 percent of projects launched since 2008 in the UAE were transferred at least one year later than quoted. Some significantly more. Some of them were canceled. Unlike the boisterous boom holidays until 2008, schedules of unplanned payments these days should be linked to construction milestones, therefore some of the risk associated with the delay in handover is somewhat mitigated. It’s still not healthy if you rent and plan to move into a new property.

Quality risk

The brochure and display look amazing, but the developer will cut corners and deliver a product that will be less fabulous than expected? Good developers trade their reputation and understand that the quality of the finished product will directly affect their brand and future sales. Others care less.

Market risk

Being a relatively new market, the boom and downturn in real estate in the UAE has largely depended on the hype and herd mentality, rather than on the fundamental needs of supply and demand. This changes as the market develop to the traditional end-user / long-term investors market. Market risk, however, occurs in all markets around the world, and when you purchase a plan, you risk a general decrease in the value of the property between when you issue a commission for the reservation and receive the keys. On the contrary, the converse is also true. If prices rise, you can use large profits on a relatively small deposit.

Changing Your Financial Conditions

When buying a property from the plan you need to pay 20 to 80 percent during construction, and the rest should be completed. The most common nowadays are payment plans 50/50. If you plan to pay the entire amount in cash, your problems are limited by the aforementioned risk (for this, quite a lot), but if you need a deposit to complete, there is a risk that your financial circumstances may change. You may lose your job; interest rates may increase or banks may change their lending policies. And even if you are eligible for a loan, the bank can not provide you with the funds you need.

To mitigate this risk, for individual developments, you can apply for borrowing up to 50 percent of the purchase price, which is pre-approved at the time of application and is guaranteed to be paid at the end. So no matter what happens to your personal financial situation; if you can, of course, pay 50 percent in cash, you can be assured of obtaining the funds needed to complete the purchase. Please note that not all developers and projects are eligible to participate. Each bank has an approved list of developers/projects. Some of them will offer to fund the plan for individual projects, many will not. Talking to a qualified mortgage consultant before you decide is a very important step.

After finishing

For the completed properties of Dh5 million, you can apply for borrowing up to 75 percent of the value of the property (80 percent if you are a citizen of the UAE). This means that if you paid 50 percent of cash during construction, you can take 25 to 30 percent of cash. In addition, if the property has increased in value, it may be possible to borrow between 75 and 80 percent of the increased value of real estate and receive even more cash. This will require reapplication of the mortgage and property evaluation, but if the numbers make sense and you want to access cash at low mortgage rates, this is an attractive option.

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