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Ars Review: Samsung’s Gear Fit 2

Ars Technica’s Valentina Palladino reviews Samsung’s new Gear Fit 2 activity tracker and its companion apps.
Read the article: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/06/gear-fit-2-review-a-thoughtful-marriage-of-smartwatch-and-fitness-band/

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Ars Review: Samsung’s Gear Fit 2

Producer: Jennifer Hahn
Editor: Jennifer Hahn



  1. Hi, nice review. I have had mine now for about 6 months and (pretty much) love it. Quick question: Can you charge it via a wall charger? How about via a power bank?

  2. Did they fix the problem with it coming off the wrist? I've read alot of older reviews saying it was a problem.

  3. i'm curently using this band… and it sucks.. it is NOT COMPATIBLE to MOST android phones… only a handfull of compatible phones

  4. This does not work with blu life xl phone.

  5. Cute girl, but hairy arms, phew…..

  6. I saw another video where they say the heart monitor does not work (or turns on) when you tell the fit2 you are doing weight lifting. is that true? I think most people do weight lifting and/or crossfit and they want to keep a heart rate (goal) through the session. please explain.
    thank you!

  7. I'm seriously considering the Samsung Gear fit 2 for it's music and bluetooth connectivity, but does anybody know if it has the Fitbit charge 2's cool interval training feature? I'm specifically interested in the taptic buzz signal every so often so I don't have to keep one eye on the stopwatch.

  8. can we control music with any other music app? like google play or anything else other than spotify?

  9. Do not buy it, i did and the wrist band is fundamentally flawed and will come off easily. I didnt read the reviews and I lost mine within 2 months.

  10. did it mention anything about text or voice calls?

  11. I would prefer that if it is circuilar like moto 360 then it looks better

  12. You should see a doctor, that resting heart rate is too high.

  13. How do you change your steps goal?

  14. how do u change the time on the gear fit 2. Can't seem to figure it out

  15. Over the shoulder camera angle is really weird.

  16. cute arms & nice fit2 🙂

  17. what does the GPS do for the watch

  18. there's remainder to move option

  19. are whatsapp notifications also showed on the watch?

  20. I had this device as well as the Microsoft Band that you have on the desk on the video. I did not like the Samsung Band Fit 2 because I think it is overpriced for $180. It feels flimsy and cheap on its own (because it is made of plastic) and so much more when compared to the Microsoft Band. The letters on the Samsung Fit2 are very small forcing me to put on glasses to read the notifications. That plus the not so bright display on sunny days makes it very difficult for people suffering from age related presbicia to read. At least the Microsoft Band 2 has a zooming function. I like the vertical display and the 4 GB memory on the Samsung Gear 2 but not enough to justify the $180 price tag. Hence, I took it back to the store and do not recommend it.

  21. Great video.
    I already have Gear S2 classic and I want to buy this. Someone told me that there is no way to connect both gears on gear app !!! Anyone have tried this? Appreciate the answers.

  22. Is it able to track my eating per day (meal tracking incl kcal/carbos etc) ??!

  23. didnt even mention battery life?

  24. does it track heart rate continuously?

  25. Damn she's got a quick heartbeat… lol

  26. Would it show pace when running

  27. How well will this work with Google Fit app?

  28. gear s2 and gear fit 2 both work on devices 4.4 kit kat or newer and have 1.5gb of ram.

  29. Is it waterproof? Can it be worn in the shower?

  30. looks ok but not as good as my moto 360 sport.

  31. This is the best review I've watched this far of the Gear Fit 2. I really enjoyed it. Convinced me to get one. Thank you very much.

  32. Could you please verify the heart rate monitor? How is the accuracy compare to Germin vivosmart HR and micrsoft band? Thank you.

  33. Hi, can you test it, whats the battery life in GPS mode? thanks

  34. It works only with Samsung devices or other android devices as well as gear S2 ?

  35. I just hope they dont release an update to the display that utterly dims the brightness to unwatchable levels, like the recent AOD Service update for the S7 (cant even see the AOD anymore indoors, too dim).

  36. 0:45 THANK YOU for mentioning you can in fact set it always-on 🙂
    What is the battery life if one only use it as an always-on smartwatch? Would it still last 2 days as samsung claims?
    6:00 Are third party IM apps compatible, or only the apps in that list you just showed?
    Does it actually have google maps installed on the watch or not? Because i saw some screenshots of it showing a map while someone had a run route selected. Would be awesome to use it for basic navigation in city holidays.
    Set a walk route and not have to worry about pulling out your phone.

  37. video request… Samsung gear fit 2 vs. Garmin Vivoactive HR? I know they're different but wanted to see which device was meant for what kind of user. Just a suggestion 🙂

  38. Curious, what size band is that…? And how big are your wrists.. I think I'm in between sizes

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