We are Lawyers in Mauritius from TMI Law Firm Mauritius and in this article, we will tell you what is corporate law.  The corporate law can be defined as the set of conceptual and instrumental tools of the different branches of law that directly affect the formation, organisation, operation and control of companies. The legal sustenance of business activity is nourished by theories, institutions, principles, normative texts of different branches of the law, which form the corporate law.

Thus, the specialist in corporate law manages the legal basis of all branches of law applicable to the company. At TMI  we have a team of lawyers with the knowledge and skills necessary to legally advise companies on their conformation, organisation and control, as well as to understand and interpret the general corporate system.

What would be the point of establishing a company with a large investment of capital, furniture, industrial implements, machinery, etc., if there are no licenses and permits? If the commercial operations are not guaranteed? If industrial property rights are not protected or if there is a breach of tax obligations, with the consequence of being granted an economic penalty and in some cases deprivation of liberty? The diversity of relationships that arise when exchanging goods and services, which constitute the fundamental part of the economic activity of the company, implies the need for them to be carried out in a framework of order, equality and legal certainty. Corporate Law directly affects these aspects of the company.

In any country, the company exists with similar characteristics: capital, which represents the economic aspect, and the labor force, which implies the social aspect. In all countries, the company must act under a specific legal framework. At TMI law firm we provide advice for your company to be successful. Our specialists in Corporate Law will be able to advise you and deal with the legal aspect, while you take care of other aspects of the business.