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Primary advantages of Google Android 7.0 Nougat for Elephone C1 Max

As you must be knowing, the new Elephone C1 Max comes along with Android 7.0 Nougat. It is amongst some mobile handsets that come with Android Nougat, and opening a great many selections for the people. Here are a couple of the added benefits that are preloaded with the Nougat in Elephone C1 Max:

1. Reduced consumption of electrical power and data
Doze option now can save battery power even when you’re traveling. So your phone will continue to get into low power usage when you take it in your pocket or back pack. Additionally, when Data Saver is started, software applications in the background won’t be capable to connect with cell data.

2. Over-all enhancement of safety:

With solid layers of security, encryption and additional functions for instance Smooth updates, file-based file encryption, and direct boot, Elephone C1 Max can much better isolate and provide protection to documents for personal users on your phone.

Further, with Direct Boot option, launching your item can be more quickly and software applications will run securely even before you type in your code.

3. Separated window support:

You can now change between software applications with a double tap and run two apps side-by-side. So continue and watch a motion picture while text messaging, revise 2 files in concert or read a recipe with your cooking timer open. With Elephone C1 Max, you would get the job done far more properly.

4. More unique configurations and more intelligent notifications:

Mini conversations within your notifications allows you to answer rapidly – without opening any software app. With combined notifications, you will uncover what’s new in a flash with combined notifications from software applications. Quite simply tap to expand and take a look at more information while not having to start the application. On top of that, on Elephone C1 Max, it is easy to change not only the size of the text but additionally the length and width of the icons.

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