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Greatest things about Android OS 7.0 Nougat on Elephone C1 Max

As you ought to be knowing, the new Elephone C1 Max features Android 7.0 Nougat. It really is amongst some cell phones which are equipped with Android Nougat, and opening all sorts of options for the customers. Here are some of the advantages which go along with the Nougat in Elephone C1 Max:

1. Decreased consumption of electric power and data
Doze option now can save battery power even if you’re touring. So your phone will continue to get into low power consumption when you carry it in your pocket or handbag. In addition, when Data Saver is turned on, applications in the back ground won’t be capable to connect to cell data.

2. Over-all betterment of safety:

With ultra powerful layers of security, encryption and more capabilities for example , Simple updates, file-based file encryption, and direct boot, Elephone C1 Max could far better isolate and guard data files for individual users on your phone.

Also, with Direct Boot function, beginning your device will be faster and applications will run safely even before you key in your password.

3. Separated window support:

It’s easy to change between applications with a double tap and run two apps hand and hand. So go on and watch a motion picture while text messaging, update two files in concert or read a recipe with your cooking timer open. With Elephone C1 Max, you may give good results even more successfully.

4. More personalized settings and more intelligent notices:

Mini conversations within your notifications allow you to reply promptly – and not having to open any software application. With bundled notifies, you can view what’s new instantly with combined notifies from applications. Simply just tap to expand and observe much more information and not having to start the mobile app. In addition to that, due to Elephone C1 Max, you’re able to adjust not merely the dimensions of the text but additionally the measurements of the icons.

For more information, head to the official web site www.elephone.hk.