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PCB Assembly: Steps, Tech, Tips

PCB Assembly: Steps, Tech, Tips

Printed circuit board assy, often called PCBA, is the process of soldering or assy of electronic components to a PCB. A circuit board ahead of assy of electronic parts is called circuit board. Once electronic components are soldered, the board is called Printed Circuit Assemblage (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assy (PCBA).

It must be mentioned that assy of a circuit board is dissimilar to manufacturing a circuit board. Producing printed circuit boards need a multitude of tasks consisting of PCB designing and setting up PCB prototype. As soon as a PCB is ready, electronic materials have to be soldered upon it ahead of being utilized in any electronic devices. This assemblage of electronic components hinges on type of circuit board, type of electronic parts as well as application the circuit board.

Items Essential for Printed Circuit Board Assy

The Following electronic parts and consumables are necessary for PCB assy

Electronic elements
Soldering resources including solder wire, solder paste, solder bar, solder preforms (based on the sort of soldering to be carried out)
Soldering flux
Soldering equipments for instance soldering station, wave soldering machine, SMT gear, inspection and testing equipment etc.

Right after all of the previously mentioned equipment, electronic components and all of materials are set in place, you’re ready to start up the operation of assy .

Printed Circuit Board Assemblage with Thru-Hole Electronic Parts

Printed Circuit Board Assy

Electronic components that have leads popping out and are included through very small holes in the PCB board for soldering are called thru-hole electronic components. The assembly or soldering task for these components involve wave soldering and hand-operated soldering – Wave Soldering – A circuit card assy process where solder in the form of solder bar are put in a high-temperature bath. This solder remains in the bath in molten form and forms a wave at extremely high temp. The variability of temperature is determined by the type of solder. Traditional tin / lead (Sn/Pb) solder has lower melting point than lead-free (Pb-Free) solder. The PCB together with the thru-hole electronic parts in holes is passed over molted solder through a conveyor belt. The whole wave soldering course of action involves the following stages:

Putting in electronic parts
Flux application

After the wave soldering is finished, the PCBA is cleaned up and tested. If any failing or solder joint is found, it will be sent for rework, which is primarily done by hand. Hand-operated Soldering – Manual soldering is practiced in making units with less work or in rework / fix jobs. A quality soldering station, soldering iron and solder wire and flux are essential in the operation.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Essential for SMD Parts

Surface Mount Technology or SMT is a circuit board assemblage operation for SMD (Surface Mount Device) components. SMD elements do not have leads or legs. They are mounted on the surface of the circuit board. The devices, elements and various soldering supplies ingested in this assembly procedure is totally different from thru-hole soldering procedure.

Trends of PCBs in the Long Run

Trends of PCBs in the Long Run

Complication and miniaturization have significantly inspired computing these very last years. It’s just about difficult to conceive of a time when computers one time occupied whole spaces. Recent computers can eat up no more space than the palm of a hand. Nonetheless it once was argued that PCB board and PCB designers could have problems condensing their parts.

how have they managed to get things so small? Is smaller size still the path of the future?

More intelligent and Smaller sized PCB Design

A large number of electronic circuit board designers still believe that smaller is the path of the future. But how is this done? More and more parts are crammed into smaller sizes, that has been possible mostly owing to Three-dimensional printing benefits and brilliant PCB board design tools.

Despite the fact you will find some costs to increased density, advantages furthermore make themselves totally obvious, like a lot better clock rates and in some cases higher currents. More compact products working at higher currents frequently demand designers to consider creative techniques, for example aluminium cladding or the employment of ceramics. However that results in an compelling sensation: designers performing similar to engineers- and the other way round.

Board layout and routing was once a quite hassle-free task, where there were less prompt concerns except for placement for printed circuit board designers. As an illustration, more compact parts and better clock speeds produce more heat, which demand special mounting at the board-level. Progressively, board designers have to creatively problem-solve for the hardware that they design to boost the end product’s durability.

More Info, More rapidly

Most circuit board designers ought to be amazingly organized to address all of the components normally set on a single board. Actually, many hundreds (or thousands) of parts have to be on an assembly these days that the job may be completely mind-boggling. As a result, some have thought about the importance of information pulls at the board level.

circuit board design program assist reduce the growing sophistication of present day circuit board, and automated manufacture processes have also grown to provide more consistency and formation of a unified data device.

Designing for Many different Features

A handful of designers, driven by space or cost, will even design sensors right onto their PCB. The requirement to create and scale sophisticated component shapes has created an environment in which a number of designers are now working to encompass a variety of functions. There exists a unity landing in the business.

And it’s not just occurring at the design level. System platforms are more and more under scrutiny, with numerous producers and designers comparing FPGA options to present micro-processor stock, considering essential periphery chips. Programmable options are becoming the bread-and-butter of designing for circuit card. The truth that their use was once completely the grasp of professionals is scarcely amazing. The tech boom has generated a workforce eager for development.

Testing Continue to Beats Theory
But with as many developments have been made in the field, prototyping test samples remains a big deal. And it’s not going to be one to fade away soon. However , this, additionally, has become the region of designers as they attain more access to Three-dimensional printing technologies and the capability to construct prototypes in-house with no waiting for a manufacturer. Actually, a lot of the most popular circuit board design software suites permit users to download their design files in 3D printing data formats.

Trends of PCBs in the Long Run

With boards evolving into ever-smaller, the old fashioned computers are likely on their way out: forever. For many, the mobile phone is employed more often than a traditional computer, and it’s merely a question of time period before small-scale, sleek options are merely the staple. and that’s only some: convergence will help adventerous designers include more into machines, from touch interfaces to a lot more fantastic practical innovations.


Printed Circuit Board Vendor & Producer

Printed Circuit Board Vendor & Producer

Electronic Circuit Board Supply

At FASTBOM, we provide you with PCBs for the dynamic electronics industry. We’re able to produce rigid circuit cards, flexible printed circuit boards, semi flexible circuit boards, and rigid flex PCB boards, and we cater to nation wide and offshore prototyping so we can supply low, medium to high volume production. We are able to address the full spectrum of circuit board fabrication from the simple to the most difficult multi-layer circuit boards.

We’re focused entirely on offering the top level of quality you expect for your electronic products, and that’s why we go to great lengths to continually present the end results you require. Our supply chain is properly equipped and capable to tackle any type of project. Get in touch with us immediately and obtain a quote to know more about what we can achieve to suit your needs.

Professional Service and Outstanding Products

FASTBOM personally communicates with every manufacturing plant straight away to ensure that our clients obtain the circuit boards that satisfy their requirements. We’ve held a alliance with each of these plants for a minimum of Three years, and we are positively visiting them and certifying UL, ISO, and IPC1710 quality criteria. With home vendors, we are going to also guarantee that they’re ITAR compliant if necessary.
We deal with vendors in many other manufacture industries and deliver creative value-added solutions to aid manage your amount of work. These types of services incorporate:

Total Inventory Control
Tailor made Product Labeling (private label)
Simple Stocking Systems
Customs & Logistics Management

Materials Managing

Material Management is our task. We’re one of the few printed circuit board companies that can deal with material constantly and expertly.

We’ve expended a substantial amount of hard work into our platform which deals with product for a variety of buyers. This will allow for our buyers to take advantage of the far more cut-throat costs by ordering higher amounts whilst still keeping their product off the books until it is certainly wanted.

We Ship On Demand or by Plan

Our MRP and accounting system permits us to keep a close eye on when product ought to ship so it is fast or on-time based on a PO shipping and delivery date. Aside from that, if you have a pull-in on your order, we are able to deal with and ship the same day as expected. A First-In, First-Out Inventory Management applies to circuit cards at the same time, including date codes and delivery requirements. We can easily keep a close eye on date codes to be sure you are receiving product that is built first and delivered in line with your agenda, and we’re able to handle orders scheduled from 2-3 months up to 1 year or more or as necessary.

Attention to Details
Certificates of Conformance are invariably provided with each shipment, and various document controls are additionally utilized to ensure products meet up with the necessary specs. We regularly examines inward bound shipments to confirm the product labels, documentation and other aspects are correct.

We have guaranteed an eco-friendly storage facility by paying close attention to everything. We wish to maintain your circuit boards safe from the elements. If required, tailor-made labeling for your product is offered.

We can Deal with Customs and Logistics
No one wants to handle customs except if they ought to, and we make the whole process much easier. Included in the service, we tackle all of the customs and logistics which means you do not be required to.

Among the leading printed circuit board companies, we are focused entirely on electronic circuit board prototype producing and assembly solutions, providing our consumers with quality, consistency and a variety of products.

We supply all sorts of expert PCB board manufacturing services. Additionally we provide enhanced circuit board solutions and outstanding circuit board fabrication services with our exclusive software, latent tools and qualified techs and engineers for you.

Regardless of being one of the biggest printed circuit board vendors, we always provide our customers with great, hands-on support service for each order.

Communicate with us for more information regarding our printed circuit board solutions, or obtain a quick PCB quote.

Mouser brings SPICE simulator to MultiSIM Printed Circuit Board software tool

Mouser brings SPICE simulator to MultiSIM Printed Circuit Board software tool

The newest MultiSIM BLUE version of the NI Multisim PCB board design program which is offered by Mouser Electronics is the Premium version incorporates a Berkley SPICE simulation environment.


SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is a general-purpose, open source analogue electronic circuit emulator. It is a program utilized in integrated circuit(IC) and board-level design to examine the integrity of PCB designs and also to predict circuit behavior.

This can be utilized to design and imitate circuits in advance of laying them out in physical prototypes.
Also to help in organising schematics, hierarchica design functionality are already included consequently engineers can easily incorporate classification blocks in place of a circuit and then repeat it in other sections of the design for them to save hours.

The new Advanced version additionally includes backward and forward annotation abilities, permitting engineers to move improvements from a schematic to a circuit board layout environment or from layout to schematic.

Mouser Electronics has been providing the MultiSIM BLUE cost-free PWB design software, made by National Instruments, for two years.

The NI MultiSim Component Evaluator by Mouser makes use of the Berkeley SPICE emulator engine and contains a pre-installed component library coming from the distributor’s linecard.
MultiSIM BLUE supports pre-layout design convergence analysis and mixed-signal simulation, and can certainly take care of electronic components as challenging as BGAs with around 1,000 pins on-pin-pitches as small as 0.8 millimeters.

The software program furthermore provides a 3D visual images of the electronic circuit board devoid of restrictions on the shape and size of the electronic circuit board. The PCB layout attribute makes it possible for up to 64 layers, and is also best with standard output file forms for instance, Gerber 274X and 274D, DXF, 3D DXF, 3D IGES along with IPC-D-356A Netlist for convenient design output and verification.

The Mouser online community supplies the engineer with documentation, downloads, instructional videos and user communities.

Avnet Finishes Purchase of Premier Farnell

Avnet finishes purchase of Premier Farnell
Considerably stretches consumer base and digital footprint globally

Avnet Inc. has accomplished its acquisition of Premier Farnell plc in an all cash merging, as permitted by Premier Farnell shareholders representing 99.9% of the votes cast and has obtained all regulatory approvals.

“The collaboration of Premier Farnell with Avnet’s components business will establish a totally distinctive distribution model that facilitates clients at each and every stage of the product life-cycle,” says William Amelio, CEO of Avnet. “By merging our in-depth knowledge of huge volume broadline distribution with Premier Farnell’s expertise in proof of concept and design, we are able to provide perfect end-to-end solutions which speed up  customers’ time to market and moves their products effortlessly from prototype right through to mass production,” Amelio adds. “Since technology gets to deeper into more products and creativity proliferates through the internet of things(IOT), the capability to obtain a broader base of engineers earlier in the design process will be important to our future expansion and achievement.”

Based in Leeds, Great Britain, Premier Farnell is a worldwide supplier of electronic components which uses a digital platform to offer designers and engineers with the most up-to-date products, services and development software program. The corporation supports a registered community of greater than 430,000 users in 36 countries with multi-channel marketing and sales resources that merge conventional field sales and contact resources with revolutionary ecommerce interfaces.


Rigid-flex Electronic Circuit Board Design Eliminates Healthcare Wearables Obstacles

Rigid-flex Electronic Circuit Board Design Eliminates Healthcare Wearables  Obstacles

The majority of electronic circuit boards in today’s times are merely rigid plates to connect circuitry. However, that’s changing rapidly; the interest in flexible circuit boards (or flexible circuits) is rapidly raising mostly as a consequence of the engaging wearable product market. Possibly the largest segment of that market is the medical care industry where wearable devices will be helpful to gather all kinds of physical details for examination and study, and also individual health use. Presently wearables are offered to track beats per minute, blood pressure levels, glucose, ECG, muscle movement, and a lot more.


The wearable devices bring quite a few issues for circuit board designers that rigid boards do not. Listed below are some of such problems along with what designers are able to do to help remedy them.

3 Dimensional Design

While every PCB is actually 3 dimensional, flexible circuits permit the entire assy to be bent and folded to adapt to the package that the merchandise takes up. The flexible circuitry is folded in order that the rigid electronic circuit boards fit into the item package, taking up room.
There’s a lot more to the design, so the increased challenges, than merely connecting the rigid boards. Bends need to be perfectly designed so boards fall into line where they’re meant to mount, while not placing force on the connection points. Up until recently, engineers actually used “paper doll” models to simulate the printed circuit board assy. At this point, design tools are obtainable that come with 3D modelling of the rigid-flex assembly, making it possible for easier design and much greater precision.

Small Products and Dense Circuits

By definition, wearable goods are required to be small and highly discreet. Before, a medical “wearable” just like a Holter heartrate monitor integrated a pretty big exterior device with a neck strap or maybe belt mount. The recent wearables are tiny and attach straight away to the sufferer without any or few external wires. They pick up various data and are able to even process a few analyses.

An unobtrusive device mounting straight to the patient demands flexible circuitry and intensely compressed layouts. Moreover, the board shapes tend to be spherical or even more uncommon shapes, requiring creative placement and routing. For this kind of tiny and densely-packed boards, a PC board tool that is improved for rigid-flex designs helps make addressing strange shapes a lot easier.

Stackup Design is very important

The stackup – the map of the circuit board layers – is extremely important when working with rigid-flex techniques. If possible, your PCB design software has the capability to design your stackup including both the rigid and flex parts of the assy. As said before, the layout of the bending area ought to be designed to help ease the pressures on the traces and pads.
One of the greatest troubles with rigid-flex designs is qualifying multiple producers. After the design is accomplished, all aspects of the design should be communicated to the board fabricator in order that it will be effectively manufactured. However, the best practice is to find one or more makers at the beginning of the design and team up with them to ensure that your design meets their production specifications as the design moves forward. Working together with manufacturers is made simple by using standards. In such cases, IPC-2223 is the vehicle for communicating with your fabricators.

The moment the design is completed, the data package must be assembled to hand-off to be made. Whilst Gerber still is employed for standard PCBs in some companies, in terms of the challenges of rigid-flex, it is highly recommended by both PCB software program providers along with manufacturers that a more intelligent data exchange format be utilized. The two most well-known intelligent formats are ODG++ (version 7 or higner) and IPC-2581, as both versions precisely designate layer specifications.


Photive BTH3 Introduction

Photive BTH3 Introduction


Audio Quality

Both of the Photive BTH3 and BTX6 use 40 mm drivers, though listening for just a few seconds can make it clear that they do not make use of the same exact 40 mm drivers. The sonic signature of each pair of headphones is a good deal distinct from the other, and seems to be aimed toward different types of consumers.

In testing the BTH3 I listened to both a smart phone (a Motorola Moto X) connected via Bluetooth, and to Hifi FLAC audio tracks and CDs via the 3.5 mm audio cable, connected to a desktop via a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface. Usually, I enjoyed music of all sorts of genres, as well as a handful of podcasts and an mp3 audiobook.


The highs are crystal clear and sharp, pretty much to a fault. The highs are not overly emphasised, but there is however a crisp sort of sizzle to the highs which isn’t usually evident, but was obvious on a handful of music and songs.


The mids are sharp and obvious, not having the a bit boxy sound that’s so present in single-driver headsets in this budget range. It comes with an evident light boost near the 1 kHz range, that is probably there to offer vocals a little boost. It’s mild enough to not be irritating, and does not in a negative way affect the sound.

Compared to the Photive BTX6 headsets and their X-Bass branding, the bass isn’t mind-boggling or extremely emphasized in the BTH3. It is not deficient or thin-sounding either – it’s just not clearly boosted as with the BTX3. Bass response is a tad on the slow side, so a small lack of tight focus can show up in a few kinds of music, with fast metal or punk as the significant instances here.

Soundstage was incredibly outstanding for closed-back headsets, regardless if using them via Bluetooth. I do know Bluetooth sound has come a long way , but this still impressed me a lttle bit. On the whole, this is a well-balanced and pretty fine sounding pair of headphones, and I also favored the sound of the BTH3 to the higher priced BTX6, despite the fact I’m uncertain that this view will be shared.

Build & Design

As perhaps you might imagine, with the Photive BTH3 being the less costly of the two, these earphones will not be as nice looking as the BTX6. Whether or not it is a bad thing is in fact at your discretion. They’re most certainly not an unappealing pair of headphones, and while they don’t have the bold shape as well as much more style-focused design of the BTX6, they’re likewise not nearly as creepy looking. They’re also on the thinner side, as opposed to the cumbersome BTX6.

It is a considerably comfortable pair of headphones. It may be short of the slightly puffier ear cushions of its more pricey cousin, but as they are also lighter in weight, high cushioning isn’t actually a necessity. After about a couple hrs of usage, I surely can feel that I was putting on headsets – these don’t disappear the manner higher priced earphones like Bose’s SoundTrues do – nevertheless they did not feel bothersome or significantly uncomfortable, even after that long. Very likely simply because that they aren’t collapsible, the BTH3 are more adaptable than the BTX6 headphones. The ear cups rotate quite a bit, and along with the adaptable headband, it’s extremely easy to find a good fit with these earphones.

No need to concern yourself with carrying these around with you either. While they are not foldable, they bring a hardshell case which isn’t that much larger than the headphones themselves, thus you’ll manage to easily have them protected. It’s nice to see, as we’ve noticed way more pricy headphones just offer a soft case, or no case in the least.

Connectivity Choices

Pairing the Photive BTH3 headsets with the gadget that you choose is a rather straightforward process. Even though these do not feature the hearable directions and cues that the BTX6 do, the blinking light along the side of the left ear cup is enough of a cue to make it straightforward to figure out that they robotically start broadcasting at the time you turn them on. Oddly enough, this pair of earphones includes a dependable power button and stand alone play/pause key, compared to the multi-function switch suited for a large number of headphones

Talking about buttons, the BTH3 headsets are filled with them. The left ear cup holds the previously mentioned play/pause button and additionally the forward / skip and rewind / back control buttons. The right ear-cup carries the power key and dedicated volume level buttons. Repeatedly, a few might balk at the sheer amount of keys right here, but I discovered it rejuvenating to have some much control made available. Compared to other headsets, all of the keys worked effectively with my Moto X while in testing.

2016’s PCB Board Manufacturers List in China

2016’s PCB Board Manufacturers List in China


Leadsintec Co.,Ltd

Leadsintec Co.,Ltd is an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) specialist in Shenzhen China since the year 2004. Being an ISO 9001 accredited electronics contract brand, our company offers a selection of circuit board, component procurement, PWB assemblage, box-build, testing services.

Attributable to the earlier 11+ years ample expertise of making, Leadsintec has achieved a great reputation in China and worldwide. Our goods are mainly used for the Electronics , Industrial, Automation, Motor vehicle, Agriculture, Defense, Aerospace, Medical and Home security market segments.

Our commitment is to help small , mid-sized buyers in cutting down their investment by offering full-blown , high-mixed, low and medium volume services. With our proficient system operators, procedure professionals, production staff and purchase pros, we are capable to fully understand and exceed the needs you have.

Leadsintec’s production plants consist of clean workshops and leading-edge high-speed SMT product lines. Our chip placement precision can certainly hit +0.1MM on integrated circuit components. It means we’re able to deal with practically all kinds of integrated circuits, like SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and also U-BGA. Moreover, we can easily deliver 0201 chip placement, through-hole component insertion and finished merchandise manufacture, test and product packaging.



PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd (primarily for prototype)

In line with https://www.pcbwing.com/Aboutus.php

PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd is among the list of China’s main unit supplying circuit board solutions, which is actually a partnership of 3 of the top 10 electronic circuit board manufacturers in China. Our benefits are quick-turn-time, small-scale volume orders.
We’re an innovative electronics contract manufacturer (ECM) based in Peking, China. We are already focused on PC board prototype within the last 12 years. We’ve supported well recognized enterprises or institutions all over the world, like Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, Jet Propulsion Laboratory of China, Altium, University of Cambridge, University of Wisconsin, Stanford University, Harvard University, Peking University, Siemens and China Mobile. We have economical rates, well-trained specialists and outstanding producing abilities. We invited customers to reach us and consider us as a efficient provider for printed circuit board fabrication services.

We assure:
Great quality. Economical pricing. Prompt delivery.

PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd will be your trustworthy producer for PCB prototype service.

Get in touch with PCBWING

Sales Office Contact:
Help and support Contact:
Marketing or advertising Contact:

Business phone:

Room520A , Heqiao Plaza B Tower No.8 Guanghua Road
Chaoyang District , Beijing
China Postcode 100026

ABP Electronics Limited

Dependant upon their official web site http://www.abp.net.cn/about-us

ABP Electronics Limited started in 2004, we center on 5 – 200 sets quick-turn circuit card & PCBA fabrication.

We have our very own circuit card manufacturing plant and SMT production line, well-equipped with a variety of inspection equipment. In the meantime, ABP gets knowledgeable, specialist development and research team; youthful and enthusiastic sales service team; seasoned purchasing team and technical assembly test team. All these warranty our good quality and shipping time.

Our services include things like circuit board design and layout, 2 to 20 layers PCB board fabrication, components finding, SMT assy. We are proficient at quick quote, production and delivery, especially for samples and small-volume orders. Our chief products cover industrial control, motor vehicle, home security, telecommunication, medical-related and new energy. ABP dedicated to deliver one-stop electronics manufacturing services varying from PCB Mfg to circuit card assy for worldwide consumers.


Overall PCB Services located within Asia

Overall PCB Services located within Asia

PCB Layout Consultants are around to help you grow your resources and furthermore hasten your PCB prototyping time span.

Only hand in some general design info, and we’ll get you an offer for the work. We will do the board layout, and we will moreover place your board order for you. You heard right, you mail us the schematic, board outline, & BOM (with component datasheets), we can send you the concluded design file and handle empty boards. The boards have the origin design file, so you and your employees can easily pick up from where we left off, make any important changes, and re-order, as required.


Our PCB Layout Services Involve:

Presenting skills for the physical layout of your accomplished schematic design. Working from a CAD software design file, or a netlist are really sought after.

Conducting the physical layout of your design in costless, fully-functional PCB design software program.
During manufacture, you can add the other services (electrical test, assemblage, etc.).
Offering to you the design file with your achieved Printed circuit boards.

Be Aware: This service Is Unable To Contain preparing schematics for your design or revealing components for your Bill of Materials. The schematic design and parts specification portions of the design process are based upon an in-depth familiarity with the design constraints for the Printed circuit board prototype project.


Bare minimum desired is a schematic design or a netlist file:
Schematic design data file needs to be in one of the subsequent formats:

PCB123 (desired)
OrCAD Schematic
Netlist file (In Protel or Tango format)

The schematic should really be whole, and verified by the buyer, earlier than PCB design start out.
In case you offer a netlist, the schematic and the netlist must be in complete agreement.

Bill Of Materials

We mandate that you indicate every individual part for your design. We don’t have an understanding of your specifications and application parameters as well as you do. Exact footprint data for every part is additionally needed. A wide range of parts come in all sorts of footprints. A complete datasheet for each component is the most beneficial tactic to deliver this requirement. If you happen to present us with a netlist, the schematic and the netlist need to be in agreement .

Board Outline

You may get the board outline with PCB123, and share it with us directly(Most recommended). It’s possible to supply IDF file from Mechanical CAD software tool; we are able to transfer that data files directly onto PCB123. (Remember that: Some CAD tool IDF files are probably not capable of being imported).


Prototype PC board Assembly

We’ve professional understanding of presenting prototype board assembly with surface-mount (SMT), thru-hole (THT) and combined tech elements.

Quick turn and low-priced Prototype Assembly Services

Our Prototype PCB Assembly is a professional service which enables us to take difficult designs, ready them for assembly, and test them out free of your having to be concerned with PWB assy quality. The prototype PCB assy section of our manufacturing area features a unique layout design that enables the adaptable usage of both programmed and manual components-loading stations. Our team is qualified and experienced in maintaining fine-pitch parts as well as BGAs for high density FR-4 circuit cards. We are capable of manufacturing prototype PC board assemblage quantities of 1-25 PWBs.

Turnkey PCB board assemblage is our prime task, even at the prototype level. We have occupied expert engineers and created helpful principles for just about every move of the PWB manufacturing process so our shoppers are able to profit from our PCB prototyping, components finding and PCB board assy services. Furthermore, we provide you with a fractional Turnkey service that offers us the ability to build element kits according to the customer’s standards.

Our PCB board assemblage service involves the seeking of components. This allows you to put emphasis on what you do best: layout design. We have a special sourcing crew who works with different providers and representatives to invest in elements according to client demands, and finishes these purchasing routines in a most efficient way. We now have innovative systems for ideal selection of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, and so forth.) to help reduce the total cost. Additionally, we are capable of cross-referencing components and searching for hard-to-find and obsolete components. Clients can be feel comfortable knowing that when we replace parts they are high standard since we only use the component numbers and makers specified by the BOM. We will never alter your original layout design. Part substitutions take place only with your permission.

The very final turn-key cost comes with assembly labour charges, bare board rates, and parts cost. On our website, it is possible to attain an quick web-based quote for prototype PWBs and assembly. It’ll give “PCB + Assembly ” expenses within minutes. Charges are in line with the rates of Digi-Key, Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Future, Newark, or a specific supplier.

We understand the value of timely shipping and delivery. The sooner the components are ordered, the sooner we’ll get going circuit board manufacturing. We seriously assess engineering inquiries and associated components concerns with our consumers previous to getting started with circuit board assembly. The average time consumed for turnkey circuit card assy is a couple weeks, which may be further lessened in case there are not any hard-to-find parts or perhaps documentation flaws.

For a prototype assy estimate, you can email the subsequent data files to sales@ :

BOM listing
Gerber files
Volume requested

Our group are capable to manage the entire process, including the seeking of all the parts (printed circuit board and parts), online order tracking and their management, PWB assy, quality control and delivery.

We have specialists to deliver fast turnaround, Prototype circuit card assy with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mixed-technology parts. Our efficient as well as quick prototyping service crew can easily assemble circuit boards in as low as Twenty-four hours.


Low-volume PCB Assembly

Fastbom supplies short-term circuit board assemblage services, per the needs you have, with plants in China to get the cheapest cost for our consumers.

Our Small quantity PCB Board Assemblage Services Comprise of

BOM Generating
Design for Testing
Design for Manufacturing
Auto-routing and Hand-routing

Small-quantity PCB Board Assemblage

Fastbom is a good, electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) with a full attention to low-quantity, turnkey, circuit card assy services. The turnkey service involves Design for Manufacturing and Design for Testing services.

Design for Fabrication Service

In order to avoid certain engineering issues that may possibly hamper the production process , which would possibly result in delivery hold-ups, we take advantage of a Design for Manufacturing service which acts as a way of reviewing the quality of the customer’s engineering docs e . g . Gerber files, bill of materials, assy drawings, and circuit diagrams. Additionally, it will panel the PCB boards, examine your components list to check its accuracy prior to the elements being bought, and recommend a solder mask to achieve high output rates. Fastbom can deliver price discounts to its consumers because of incorporating its DFM service into its printed circuit board assemblage.

Design for Testing Service

To hasten your circuit card testing procedure and give guidelines on where to insert test points all over your printed circuit board , Fastbom makes use of a Design for Testing service. References pertaining to probe types, fixtures, and testing limitations are offered by this service. The DFT service will confirm that your testing requirements, problem diagnosis processes, troubleshooting guidelines, as well as other references are well-designed.

Pre-production Test Boards

In order to avoid the threats and additional expense of re-doing, Fastbom will at first fabricate a limited number of circuit boards and send them to you for examination before fabricating the full order. On validation of an order for full-scale production, we are going to verify all fabricated boards, and validate the ball grid array and the quality of the leadless part assy through an X-ray inspection system. PCB boards will not be sent until every area of concern have been completely dealt with.

Some other Solutions to Decrease Your Expenses

Fastbom likes maintaining long-life interactions with its clients. We present even more cost reductions to our long run shoppers by not demanding additional costs for NRE and stencils on up coming orders. On top of that, we spread cost per component discounts to our shoppers since we work with part providers who provide Fastbom volume discounts. Our international distributor partnerships empower us to get superior parts at cost-effective prices. We make every effort to guarantee our customers get the finest quality that a turnkey PCB service supplier may give.

The Best Way To Get a Price quote

It’s possible to place a low-volume order and receive a PCB assembly price. Simply send your BOM listing along with Gerber files to us. We’ll respond in a short time.

Turnkey Circuit Board Assembly

Ever since its beginning in the year 2001, FASTBOM has emerged as a trusted electronic contract manufacturer(ECM) to meet the demand of rapid turn-key PWB assy solutions.

100 % and Incomplete Turn-key

PCB Assy Services

We assure you
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Turnkey Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Services

FASTBOM is in a position of offering full turnkey and partial turn-key electronic circuit board assembly solutions. For full turn-key, we take care of the complete process, integrating preparing of printed circuit boards, sourcing of parts, order tracking on the net, ongoing overseeing of quality as well as final assembly. Whereas for partial turn-key, the purchaser can provide the PCBs and a few parts, and the remaining parts will be handled by us.

How to receive a quote for Turn-key printed circuit board assembly solutions?

Circuit board Quote via the Internet:

An Prompt PC board price can be quoted after selection of a few options. Mouse click PCB price estimator to obtain a quick Quote for PCB board fabrication.

Printed Circuit Board Assy Quote:

This is an additional instant quote for the cost of labor for circuit card assemblage. Click circuit card Assy Quote to get an instant quote for Printed circuit assy.

BOM Prices:

In order to get yourself a BOM price in a day, e-mail the BOM file to sales@. Be sure you contain all details such as volumes, reference designators, and producer name and even part NO..

Supported Assy Capabilities:

Different types of Assemblage

THD (Thru-Hole Device)
SMT (Surface-Mount Technology)
SMT & THD combined
Two sided SMT and THD assy

Order Volume Allowed

1 – 5,000 boards


Passives parts, smallest size 0201
Fine pitch to 8 Mils
BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP and Zero-Lead chips
Connectors and terminals

Component Package

Cut tape
Tube and tray
Loose parts and bulk

PCB board measurements

Minimum dimension: 0.2″ x 0.2″ (5mm x 5mm)
Biggest measurement: 15″ x 20″ (381mm x 508mm)

PCB shape

Slots and Cut-outs
Difficult and Unusual

PCB board type

Rigid FR-4 boards
Rigid-Flex boards

Assemblage procedure

Leaded process
Leadless (RoHS)

Design data format

Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle as well as AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG
BOM (List of materials) (.xls, .csv, . xlsx)
Centroid (Pick-N-Place / XY file)

Sales & support

Cellular phone
Real-time chat at working period
Calculator web page for PCB and assy

Testing Steps

  • Visual Inspection
  • X-ray Inspection
  • AOI (Known as: Automated Optical Inspection)
  • ICT (Known as: In-Circuit Test)
  • Functional testing

Turnaround time period

1 To 5 days for just PCB board assembly
10 -16 days for entire Turnkey PC Board Assemblage


Cheap Fast Circuit Card Parts Procurement

We have build a components sourcing and procurement panel to address the logistics and purchasing PCB board assy parts. It uses a quality-controlled, well established purchase procedure that makes certain immaculate electronic components finding. This has permitted us to present board assemblage services at the most efficient price in the worldwide, electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) sector.

Good quality Components

We purchase electronic elements of high quality from respected channels and vendors which can reassure the best value components for our clients. In accordance with the buyer’s requirement, additionally, we shall get components from brands suggested by the purchaser. We avert replacing parts or using a supplier that is not acceptable to the buyer. We have cultivated long lasting relationships with the majority of electronic component manufacturers just like Avnet, Digi-Key, Arrow Electronics, Farnell, Future Electronics, Newark, Samtec, Mouser Electronics,, and many others. As we buy components in big volume, we can deliver amazing prices to our consumers.

Hard-to-Find Parts Finding

We have the ability to find difficult-to-find, dated, and very long lead-time parts. In recent times, we’ve built a wide-ranging network of global sources, that has made it easier for us to acquire ICs made in Japan,Korea,Taiwan,, and various regions across Asia. If a replacement or cross-reference part is required, we seek the customer’s agreement first.

Lead-Times and Costs

Almost all of the component orders can be done in approx . 5 to 7 working days from the first order day. We take advantage of barcode and RFID labeling to hasten up the acquisition and stock management procedures. Precise stock-in-hand info in our native warehouse can be attained by using this kind of cutting edge automation technology. On top of that, we undertake in depth quality inspection for all of the components before they are stocked in warehouse facility.

Our all-inclusive and efficient sourcing program has allowed us to provide an cheap service to our customers without any handling costs. Our goal is to make electronic circuit board fabrication and assembly our task, and make it possible for our customers to consentrate on electronic engineering and circuit design and layout.


AIM to Exhibit M8 at nearing SMTA NY Expo & Technical Forum

AIM to Exhibit M8 at nearing SMTA NY Expo & Technical Forum

About AIM

Located in Montreal, Canada, AIM Solder is a premier world-wide maker of assy products for the electronics business with producing, circulation and support facilities positioned worldwide. AIM supplies superior solder materials for instance solder paste, fluid flux, cored wire, bar solder, epoxies, lead-free and halogen-free solder materials, preforms, and special alloys including indium and gold for a broad range of fields. A beneficiary of loads of prestigious SMT industry honors, AIM is firmly committed to up-to-date research and development of product and process progression together with supplying buyers with sophisticated support, service and coaching.

AIM Solder is glad to announce their taking part at the SMTA Ny Expo & Tech Forum, planned to occur October 26th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Nyc. AIM will highlight their groundbreaking M8 solder paste coupled with their full line of solder assembly materials.


M8 No Clean Solder Paste has been designed to tackle one of the most arduous prerequisites experiencing today’s current SMT assembly sector. M8 is seen to make improvements to production yields and product quality, whether printing 0.50 area ratios or doing away with voiding on QFN and LED packages. M8’s post-reflow scum meets all IPC, BONO and tough changing environment test specs, causing it to be the optimal option for automobile and high performance/high reliability applications. M8’s powerful capabilities and consistent performance increases every section of the PCB assembly task.

Equally, AIM will certainly focus its liquid fluxes, tin/lead and lead-free alloys, like SN100C. To check out all of AIM’s products and services, like lead-free and halogen-free solder, navigate to the venture at the SMTA Long Island Expo & Tech Forum for extra details.


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